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Ways to make a journey more entertaining

Sophie Geske

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Photo by Sophie Geske

A view from above

Traveling is an interesting quest that I have always enjoyed. You get to go somewhere new or somewhere you enjoy and explore. You get to learn a lot and make a lot of new memories.

Growing up I got to travel to many different places. I have been on long and short flights as well as extensive car or bus rides.

Flying is always an experience. You have to have everything packed in a certain number of bags and make sure you don’t have any prohibited items on the plane.

You have to make sure you show up early enough and get through security. Then at security there is an ordeal half the time. Either the line is incredibly long, or they have to search for you or your bag all while standing there with no shoes on.

My biggest tip for airline travel is to have easy slip-on and off shoes with socks on. Be prepared to have all your liquids in a Ziplock bag. 

My favorite tip would have to be taking an empty water bottle and filling it up after security so you don’t have to buy the expensive airport water.

When packing your bag it is best to pick out clothes that can go with a lot of other pieces. Rolling your clothes or packing cubes and compression bags can save space in bags as well.

I believe in the saying that sometimes it is not about the destination but the journey to get there. 

Airports are always interesting places to be. There are people from all over the world who are tired, stressed, excited, happy, sad — all the emotions. You have people saying goodbye to loved ones — possibly for the last time, and people going to see a long-distance significant other or family.

You have all of these different people with all of these different experiences all in the same place living their own lives converging with all these other people.

I find it very interesting how all of our timelines cross paths. That’s why one of my favorite things to do while waiting is watching people. Sometimes it is fun to even come up with fake stories about people’s lives.

Adventuring by car for road trips is always interesting as well. You have to try to stay comfortable and entertained in a car for hours.

It is definitely best if you have other people to travel with as you can talk for hours.

My favorite thing with road trips is listening to music while staring out the window. There are so many things you pass that can be very engaging.

Looking out the window playing the license plate game or alphabet game is fun and takes a while to finish.

Two other classic options are sleeping or reading a book.

My favorite thing to do on road trips is probably to have a few small side adventures where you find a quick stop or roadside attraction and you get to stretch your legs while still exploring a new place.

While looking forward to seeing just the destination of a trip can be fun, finding ways to enjoy the journey can make the trip even more memorable.

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