Outer Banks

Paradise on earth

Sophie Geske

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Would you want to be living the Pogue life?

“Outer Banks, paradise on earth.” That is the opening line to one of my favorite shows — “Outer Banks.

I was not someone who jumped on the show right away. There was so much hype around it; I didn’t believe it could be that good.

Partway through last year I finally decided to watch it and I am so glad I did. The first season I watched over the course of about two weeks. The second season I watched in two days.

I was beyond captivated. There is always something going on and so many things you aren’t expecting.

The show is set in Outer Banks, North Carolina which is actually a collection of islands. The Outer Banks is a real place, but the island in the show (Kildare Island) is made up.

It’s beautiful, sunny and surrounded by water. A great place for surfing, boating, reading, relaxing or — just in general — feeling the summer feels.

There are two main groups on the island: the Kooks and the Pogues. The Kooks live on Figure Eight; these are the rich people living the lavish island life. Then there are the Pogues who live in The Cut; these are the ones working hard and just trying to get by.

Some people intermingle between the groups, but mostly they try to stay on their own side of the island.

The first season starts out with a group of friends, John B., Pope and J.J. who are all Pogues, and Kiara who is a Kook but likes living the Pogue life and hanging out with them.

They are going on a treasure hunt that John B.’s father had started research on before he mysteriously disappeared.

It is interesting to see how the teenagers go out and do their own thing. The show follows them on their adventures in search of the treasure while still showing their at-home lives including their parents’ concerns and what they want for them.

Not only does each season come with its own twists and turns, but a lot of the episodes end in cliffhangers as well, drawing you into the next episode. Thankfully each season comes out all in one day so you can binge-watch all you want.

Season three came out this past Thursday, Feb. 23. Of course, I watched this season in two days as well.

My favorite of the three seasons so far would have to be season two. I literally could not stop watching it because each episode drew me into the next and it was so engaging, I couldn’t wait.

If anyone needs a show recommendation this is one of my go-to’s. I will always suggest it because there are so many different aspects to it and there is kind of something for everyone, especially if you like an adventure.

The show has become so popular that they even held an event for fans called Poguelandia which was a free event from 12-6 p.m. on Feb. 18 in Huntington Beach, California.

At the event, they had all of the actors, music, games, food and a lot more, according to Netflix. At the event, they also announced that there will be a fourth season.

I am excited to see what the next adventure holds.

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