Winter is the “warmest” season

The charm and coziness of the first snowfall of the year is unbeatable

Maggie OBrien

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Across the Pond
February 28, 2024

Winter isn’t as cold when you’re with those you love

There is no other season where the sweet, starry twinkle of lights dazzles the streets of towns and the windows of homes. No other time exists when babies and students alike are bundled up into brilliant scarves and comically puffy coats. 

These reasons alone could be enough to sway anyone towards adoring the chilly embrace of winter. But there are infinite grounds to persuade the particularly stubborn winter-loathing people. 

Winter is undeniably full of wonder and beauty, both of which can be observed in countless forms. When snow coats the ancient trees and icicles hang daintily beneath slick porches, little morning moments are slower and nothing short of saccharine. 

Evergreens stand tall and fragrant in the warmth of homes big and small, their emerald branches glimmering with ornaments of all colors and shapes. Detailed garlands, shiny stars, candles and dreidels bring sunny grins to rosy-cheeked children. 

The loveliness of winter is certainly notable, but it is not the only thing the crisp season has to offer. Winter clothing, foods, drinks and activities are all a common source of frenzied excitement for winter enthusiasts. 

Patterned sweaters in countless pallets of colors, layers of soft fleece and warm knitted mittens are donned by anyone seeking harbor from the bite of wintry wind. These layers are dutifully shed throughout the day as the stubborn sun warms the earth up bit by bit.

I think a sense of community is held in the relief that a warm scarf provides, and most people can agree that a bundled-up baby is adorably endearing and entertaining.

Even if you aren’t particularly fond of tea, hot beverages in cold hands are the epitome of comfort. Hot chocolate, coffee of any sort and anything warm and sweet provide a special sort of cheer on a snowy day. 

Snow pants and the thickest of glove quickly make their way out of dusty closets after the first snowfall, spreading smiles over elated faces, young and old. Snowball fights, sledding, making snow angels and skiing are only a few sources of amusement that can only happen in winter. 

Even the experience of a simple walk outside is elevated by the glow of white flurries and dazzling decorations almost everywhere you look. Everything feels mellow and light on winter nights, with sweetness surrounding you in so many festive forms. 

For a certain demographic of bibliophiles and film addicts, there are specific pieces of literature and features that are simply meant to be consumed in the snug embrace of a cozy room on a winter day. 

Some choice recommendations of winter movies, shows, and books include “Little Women” (both the book and the 2019 movie), The “Perks of Being a Wallflower” (again, both the book and the movie), “Normal People” and “Girl Interrupted”. 

In many cases, a heavy snowfall outside can amplify the already lovely experience of watching a movie, show or reading a book. The joy-evoking sight of fluffy flakes swirling about in the sky pairs wonderfully with the excitement of a new world within pages or a television.

All in all, winter might be incessantly cold, and you may not adore snow, but there is a genuine pleasantness to be understood of the season no matter what. 

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