Things that aren’t technically racist, but are definitely red flags

Or, as I like to call it: Things that I chose to avoid

Kiara Jackson

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“There was a time where masses of white people in America ate black people as a delicacy… So, stop calling me food names!”

As a Black woman who grew up in a predominantly white area, the people around me don’t quite see the world in the same way that I do. Well, honestly, we don’t see the world the same at all.

Because of this, I have decided to compile a list of things that I, as a Black person in America, make an active attempt to avoid in my day to day life. Or, that aren’t technically racist, but are definitely red flags. So, basically, just a list of things

Calling Black people food nicknames

Can’t y’all find something more original than “chocolate?” There was a time when masses of white people in America ate Black people as a delicacy — So, stop calling me food names! It’s not cute and it’s not funny. 

Cracker Barrel

I honestly don’t know what it is about this place, but something about those flags and the way that the restaurants are set up just does not sit well with me. 

The American flag

If I walk into your dorm room or come over to your house and this is hanging up on your bedroom wall or outside of your home — I am walking right back out. No ifs, ands or buts about it. 

As someone who is queer, Black and a woman, I want to know what the heck you are so patriotic about — cause there is not one time in American history where I would be seen as equal to a straight white man. No thank you. 

White people using songs about slavery or racial oppression on TikTok

Listen up Sarah, if you are going to post a video about your trauma please stop using songs that are already about the trauma of a specific group. 

Like, if I see one more white girl post on TikTok using the song “Stand Up” by Cynthia Erivo I am going to lose my mind. Your telling me no other song worked for you except the song about slavery?

Pickup trucks

What are you hauling around in that truck? I know there is no reason for a truck that big. And don’t even get me started on the unnecessary engine revving — overcompensating much? 


Ok, maybe mullets as a whole aren’t red flags, just guys wearing mullets. 

I mean let’s be honest here, a woman wearing a mullet is just a way for her to tell the world “hey, I’m gay” but guys wearing mullets — well might as well go get the white hood to complete the look if you know I mean.

Using the phrase; “There are kids starving in Africa”

Stop telling your kids this to get them to eat. 

You don’t know the first thing about Africa because this American education system doesn’t care enough to actually teach us the truth. Plus you shouldn’t be forcing your kids to eat anyways. 

White people watching “The Boondocks

This is a show for Black people to enjoy about our own trauma and stereotypes. If a white person is laughing at this, at that point it’s just racist. Can’t we have anything? 

Pit Viper Sunglasses

This one needs no explanation. Have you seen those things? 

Texas Roadhouse

Maybe it’s just because these places always have American flags sitting on top of them or maybe it’s just the country theme, either way, this is a no for me. 

The Black cultural center being in the back of Centennial

Can someone tell me why the UW-Eau Claire system decided to put the Black cultural center all the way in the back of Centennial, by the buses?  Might as well just tell us to sit in the back of the bus man. 

Fish pics

If there is one thing I avoided on Tinder, it was fish-pic guys. A friend stole my phone once and matched me with one, and his pickup line was literally, “Hey, my beautiful chocolate princess.” Enough said. 

Skinny White girls complaining about the beauty standard

Honey, you are the beauty standard. My brown skin and kinky hair will never pass in this society. The standard was made for you, so at the very least go enjoy it instead of complaining to me about it. 

People who use the words racist and prejudice interchangeably

Y’all know these two words are not the same word, right? Like, you know that racial prejudice is when you don’t like someone because of their skin color, right? The word racism has many more underlying implications.  

Movements that aren’t BLM using “lives matter” at the end of their movement name

Taking away from one movement to gain attention for your own is a red flag in and of itself. Like, with “Women’s lives matter.” Keep that white feminism ideology away from me, and for the love of God, pick a different name. 

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