2022 general election guide

Nov. 8th is the general elections

Bridget Maxwell

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Elections for dummies

Elections can be daunting in many ways. Voting often feels exclusionary, however, everyone holds the same right to fill out a ballot as the next. 

What’s on Wisconsin’s 2022 general election ballot: (according to My Vote Wisconsin)

  • Governor (Lieutenant Governor): responsible for implementing state laws and overseeing the operation of the state executive branch
  • Attorney General: serve as the “people’s lawyer” 
  • Secretary of State: responsibilities vary from state to state, and are generally administrative
  • State Treasurer: oversees how public money Is being spent and aid transparency for taxpayers
  • United States Senator: confirm President’s appointments that require consent and provide advice and consent to ratify treaties 
  • Representative in Congress: introduce bills and resolutions and offer amendments 
  • State Senator: passes bills on policy, sets level for state spending, raises or lowers taxes and votes have the power to override a veto from the president (only if all 50 state Governors veto) 
  • Representative to the Assembly District: reviews bills according to a subject 
  • Eau Claire County Sheriff: they enforce state law and County ordinances, maintain the peace, run the jail and serve both criminal and civil processes 
  • Eau Claire County Clerk of Circuit Court: responsible for ensuring records of governing body transactions including resolutions and ordinances; public records

Yes/no questions: (according to My Vote Wisconsin)

  • Eau Claire County cannabis referendum: According to My Vote Wisconsin, “Should cannabis be legalized for adult use by Wisconsin residents at least 21 years of age, and in addition, be taxed and regulated like alcohol possession and use?”
  • City of Eau Claire tax referendum: “Under state law, the increase in the levy of the City of Eau Claire for the tax to be imposed for the next fiscal year, 2023, is limited to 3.472%, which results in a levy of $49,178,662. Shall the City of Eau Claire be allowed to exceed this limit and increase the levy for the next fiscal year, 2023?” 
  • Eau Claire school district general obligation bonds referendum: Should the Eau Claire Area School District, Eau Claire, Chippewa and Dunn Counties, Wisconsin be issued obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $98,600,000 for the public purpose of paying the cost of a school building and facility improvement.

Governor/Lieutenant Governor:

  • Tony Evers/Sara Rodrigues (Democratic): “Work to address rising costs, help small businesses and give our kids the education they need to thrive,” according to Tony for Wisconsin. 
  • Tim Michels/Roger Roth (Republican): “Will fix Wisconsin’s economy by bringing his business and leadership experience to Madison. He will always back the blue, back parents in public education, cut taxes, keep schools open five days a week, and ensure our elections are fair and transparent,” according to Michels for Governor. 
  • Joan Ellis Beglinger (independent): According to Joan Ellis Beglinger for Wisconsin, she plans to reverse rising crime rates, cultivate effective schools and safeguard election integrity.

Attorney General:

  • Josh Kaul (Democratic): “Committed to fighting for clean and safe drinking water and against climate change and to protecting the rights of Wisconsinites,” according to the Wisconsin Department of Justice 
  • Eric Toney (Republican): “My primary focus will be on the safety and security of families all across Wisconsin,” according to Attorney General Eric Toney. 

Secretary of State:

  • Doug La Follette (Democratic): According to La Follette for Secretary of State, he plans to protect the office, focus on education, say no to big money, worker rights, healthcare, etc. 
  • Amy Lynn Loudenbeck (Republican): “We need a Secretary of State who will earn their taxpayer-funded paycheck and make this Constitutional office work again for the people, and the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) must be abolished and replaced with a new model,” according to Vote Amy Loudenbeck. 
  • Neil Harmon (Libertarian): Wants the realign Secretary of State to be focused on business-related functions.
  • Sharyl R. McFarland (Wisconsin Green Party): Wisconsin Green Party said, “Her work addresses problems including voter suppression, racial inequalities, mass incarceration, homelessness, rights for immigrants, poverty, the lack of adequate transportation, healthcare and more.

State Treasurer: 

  • Aaron Richardson (Democratic): Focused on home ownership, budget and investment experience and unclaimed property programs, according to Aaron Richardson for Wisconsin. 
  • John S. Leiber (Republican): According to John Leiber for State Treasurer, he plans to carry out duties, not try to grow the role. Invested to sound financial commitment. 
  • Andrew Zuelke (constitution): Care about the issues and the job, not the other parties involved, according to Andrew Zuelke for State Treasurer. 

United States Senator: 

  • Mandela Barnes (Democratic): Reproductive justice, safeguard social security and Medicare and boost manufacturing while strengthening unions. 
  • Ron Johnson (Republican): Agriculture, defense and military, education, foreign affairs, and veterans. 

Representative in Congress District 3: 

  • Brad Pfaff (Democratic): Prioritize healthcare, infrastructure, broadband, seniors, economy, education, family farms, clean air, land and water. 
  • Derrick Van Orden (Republican): “Common sense policies that ensure our nation’s prosperity and security, represent our foundational values and bring back pride.” 

State Senator District 31:

  • Jeff Smith (Democratic): Education, health care access and affordability, reform, and protections for water. 
  • David Estenson (Republican): Law enforcement, economy, infrastructure, and schools. 

Representative to the Assembly District 91:

  • Jodi Emerson (Democratic): Fighting for affordable and accessible healthcare, encouraging economic growth, addressing social justice issues and protecting the environment. 
  • Josh Stanley (Republican): Education, taxes and conservation. 

Eau Claire County Sheriff: 

  • Dave Riewestahl (Democratic): Drugs, community, safety and solving problems and concerns. 
  • Don Henning (Republican): Community engagement, mental health, drugs, protecting children a
  • nd collaboration. 

Eau Claire County Clerk of Circuit Court: 

  • Susan Schaffer (Democratic): Aimed at serving those they help with dignity, fairness and sensitivity.

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