Ranking the Disney appearances of Raven Symoné

Taking a deep look at the Disney arc of the queen of Disney, Raven Symoné

Cade Fisher

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Symoné was such an icon in the Disney company that she made guest star appearances on other shows like Sonny with a Chance and K.C. Undercover.

The Walt Disney Company has created a wide-reaching media empire that has an effect on millions of individuals. The people involved in this company have the same hold on those individuals.

Today I have decided to look back at these Disney icons, starting with the queen herself, Raven Symoné. 

Symoné is one of the staple individuals involved in Disney and the Disney Channel. Her face is all over the company and many credit her show, which will be discussed later, as the start of the golden age of Disney Channel.

I am going to take the time now to rank her top ten Disney appearances. It should be said that I found a total of 14 appearances on Disney, but I whittled it down to ten based on levels of how exemplary it is and the intensity of the role.

  1. Proud Family

Symoné plays a guest role as Stephanie in an episode of The Proud Family. Her character was homeless and joined the protagonist to celebrate Kwanzaa.

This role beat out the other four appearances that were cut from the list due to the important lesson of the episode and relevance of Proud Family as a Disney show.

  1. The Muppets at Walt Disney World

This is the first appearance of Symoné on Disney. This movie had the muppets taking a trip to Disney World. Symoné, at the age of four, cheers up Kermit by singing “Rainbow Connection” with him.

This deserved to be on the list purely due to being the first appearance and how impressive it was being played by a four-year old Symoné.

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout

This appearance by Symoné had her playing Valkyrie in the Disney XD Guardians of the Galaxy TV show. She only appeared in this one episode, Mission Breakout.

This appearance was a new role for Symoné as it was an animated show where she played an action hero. This was a fun and new appearance that fans wouldn’t expect for Symoné.

  1. The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

Symoné played Princess Asana, one of the protagonist’s best friends in the royal court. She is seen throughout the movie as a new friend to introduce Anne Hathaway’s character Mia Thermopolis the ropes to royal life.

This was one of Symoné’s main Disney roles that wasn’t as much a part of the Disney Channel. This was one of the first appearances where the audience knew who she was as a “Disney easter egg” in the movie.

  1. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

Zenon was a 1999 Disney Channel Original Movie, or DCOM, that followed a girl in the year 2049. This futuristic movie was Symoné’s first Disney movie where she played Zenon’s best friend Nebula.

This was Symone’s first big role on the Disney Channel, paving her way into the company to set up her future standings. 

  1. Tinker Bell Franchise

There are a total of seven movies in the Tinker Bell franchise. Symoné played Iridessa, a light fairy and one of Tinker Bell’s friends.

This role is higher up on the list due to the number of installments in the franchise. It is also interesting to see Symoné behind the camera as a voice actor instead of in front of the camera.

  1. College Road Trip

This DCOM follows Symoné as a girl deciding what college to attend as her protective father pushes her to stay close to home.

This role was one of Symoné’s leading roles on the Disney Channel as she played the main character. This was a good movie, it is just not further down on the list due to the level of impact her other roles had on the Disney corporation.

  1. Kim Possible

Kim Possible was an animated show that followed the crime-fighting highschooler Kim Possible. Symoné played Kim’s best friend Monique in the show.

Besides being an iconic character and show, this made it further on the list because it was Symoné’s voice acting debut and she was really given the opportunity to make the character her own (sorry Iridessa).

  1. Cheetah Girls

The Cheetah Girls is a three-part DCOM series that follows the girl group, the Cheetah Girls. Symoné stars as Gabriella Garibaldi for the first two movies, missing out on the third to film College Road Trip.

This series really showed off Symoné’s musical talent, putting it further in the list for the sheer bops it created. 

  1. That’s So Raven/Raven’s Home

Of course, the number one position on the list has to go to That’s So Raven. I mean, the name of the show was changed from “Absolutely Psychic” to be based on her name according to her Disney page.

That’s So Raven was the start of the golden age of Disney Channel and was the first show to reach four seasons on the channel. It received its own spin-off, Raven’s Home, which is still airing today. 

Symoné’s character even made guest appearances on Cory in the House and the collaborative episode with Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Hannah Montanna.

Raven Symoné has become a legend in the hall of fame of Disney stars and will forever live on in our hearts, and on Disney+.

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