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Meredith is finally awake, or is she?

Sami Geiger

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We are back for another riveting recap of episode 11 in season 17 of “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Not much has happened thus far in this season. I find myself getting bored halfway throughout the episodes. So, if you are just joining this train ride don’t worry — you haven’t missed much.

So, I have news. 

Meredith woke up, but before you get too excited, she only stayed awake for maybe a max of two minutes. On the bright side though, she was off the ventilator, but she was very weak so she couldn’t really stay awake.

I guess we will let this slide since battling COVID-19 can be exhausting.

While Meredith was awake — for the whole two minutes — she talked with Richard Webber and told him she’s glad she chose him to be her power of attorney. It was precious and touching.

I have always loved their relationship. Webber always treated Meredith like a daughter because let’s face it, he watched her grow up.

Anyways, Meredith also mentioned to Webber he should go talk to Jo Wilson.

Even though Meredith was unconscious there are suspicions she heard Wilson explain that she wanted to switch specialties from general surgery to obstetrician-gynecologist. So, you’re telling me Meredith can hear what they are all talking about?

That would be wicked stuff — that blows my mind and freaks me out that she can unconsciously hear their conversations.

For all avid “Grey’s Anatomy” fans, Wilson’s husband Alex Karev, left her for Izzie Stevens. For one, I will forever be livid he left Wilson for Stevens — also for reference, I absolutely hate Stevens — and secondly, he left with nothing more than just a freaking note.

Karev couldn’t even say goodbye in person and in the right way. Instead, he wrote everyone a letter.

Since Karev’s departure, Wilson’s home has been a dark place and that is part of why she wanted to switch specialties.

We get a lot of Amelia Shepherd and Atticus “Link” Lincoln, which I was happy about because I love that relationship.

Out of the blue, Link’s parents showed up and offered to take the children — Meredith’s three kids and their own child, Scout — out for the day.

Shepherd couldn’t get rid of them faster. Finally, alone in the house for the first time in a while, Shepherd and Link got ready to have long-awaited sex. Well, that didn’t exactly happen.

For one, I don’t blame Shepherd for shoving those kids out as fast as she could. She was placed in a position where she had to take care of Meredith’s children.

Poor Shepherd breaks into tears instantly. Link misread the situation and thought it was about his mother’s marriage comment toward Shepherd. So, Link got down on one knee.

Shepherd immediately told him to get up and that wasn’t the reason she was crying.

Poor dude just wanted to marry this girl or did he? I can’t really tell with those two.

The two sat down and Shepherd opened up about how the pandemic and quarantine made her sobriety nearly impossible. Link reassured Shepherd she is not self-destructive and to do whatever she needed to stay sober.

Link is such a gentleman. He is nothing like Owen Hunt.

Back at the hospital, Miranda Bailey and Hunt attended to a couple who had gotten into a car accident. Shayne’s brand-new spanking wife, Karissa, said she should be saved first because Shayne had no one in his life besides her.

I mean what a way to kick a man while he is down — literally. Shayne was taken back into surgery and after surgery, he facetimed Karissa only to tell her he wanted an annulment.

If I’m being honest, Karissa deserved it. She was so mean to him and come on, she literally told Shayne he had no one.

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