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Meredith’s death beach welcomes Mark Sloan and Lexie Grey

Sami Geiger

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All avid “Grey’s Anatomy” fans have learned that it can be quite predictable at points. I mean come on, we’ve been watching this show for 17 seasons now, we know how the show works.

I wouldn’t expect Shonda Rhimes, the creator of “Grey’s Anatomy,” to start changing it up now. But dare I say, in this week’s episode there’s a bit of joy and hope.

A glimpse of light is shed onto Grey Sloan Memorial. Speaking of, memorialized this week on Meredith’s death beach is none other than little Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan.

There was a small teaser on the official “Grey’s Anatomy” Instagram page of Lexie handing Meredith a towel on the beach.

Sloan and little Grey were one of the only ones I wanted to see appear on the beach — besides McDreamy.

Meredith, Lexie and Mark soaked up the imagined sun on Meredith’s death beach. Now we all know why they are visiting Meredith. They were there to remind Meredith of some lessons that she should already know deep down.

Lexie and Sloan reminded her to not waste the precious time she was given, that the depth of the grief she feels for those she has lost stems from the depth of love she had for them.

Sloan shared that he haunted and talked to his loved ones such as Callie Torres and their daughter Sofia Sloan-Torres.

I’m not sure how I feel about the talking part because it sounds a little creepy, but the idea behind it is bittersweet.

Back to reality, Meredith was taken off of her ventilator because her stats and lung function has improved. Her team of doctors had to be 100% sure she was ready because the hospital had a ventilator shortage. If things were to go downhill with her again, she might not have a ventilator at her side.

In the other part of the COVID-19 wing, a mother and daughter duo came in — Marcella and Veronica. Marcella was originally in the hospital because her COVID-19 case was severe, and Veronica was at home with a much milder case — unfortunately that didn’t last long.

Surprise, Rhimes made it where both mother and daughter are in desperate need of a ventilator and the doctors have to make the choice of who gets it.

In the end, Maggie Pierce gives the last ventilator to Veronica — the daughter.

Being the genius she is, Pierce got an idea to have patients share the ventilators, meaning the mother and daughter duo would be able to share the vent.

Emotion ran wild at Grey Sloan, mother-daughter intern duo — Alma and Sara Ortiz —  have been working the mother-daughter case and it hit a little too close to home for them. They shared a few tears.

By the end of the episode Pierce had a shiny fat engagement ring on her finger. Yes you heard me, Pierce and Winston are engaged.

Winston got down on one knee outside of the hospital and put the ring in his ear buds’ case. It’s kind of romantic, but also neither of them were wearing a mask so it kind of made me uncomfortable.

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