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Derek is back once again on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 17

Sami Geiger

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Popular opinion — well maybe unpopular — but I have not been enjoying season 17 of “Grey’s Anatomy” whatsoever. It is focused way too much around COVID-19 and there’s no real medical drama happening — or any drama for that matter.

So, it surprises me to say I actually liked this past episode, “It’s All Too Much.” It actually had a plot line to it, and it wasn’t solely based around COVID-19.

Let’s recap: DeLuca died, which is a big bummer. His family and fellow doctors were trying to plan a memorial for him but couldn’t because of the ongoing pandemic.

Bailey went a little coocoo trying to figure out what happened with DeLuca when Hunt, Altman and Webber all said he lost too much blood, but Bailey still demanded an autopsy report.

Surprise, surprise, the autopsy report came back saying the exact same thing Hunt, Altman and Webber had said. DeLuca lost too much blood.

Bailey wanted to schedule a morbidity conference with all the hospital staff, and let me tell you Webber was not happy with that request — and to be honest, I’m on Webber’s side. Everyone grieves at their own pace. Don’t push the grieving process.

Webber found a different way for all the hospital staff to come together as one — socially distanced of course — to grieve over their beloved, DeLuca. Webber set up a memorial outside of the hospital where anyone who wanted to attend could.

DeLuca’s sister, Carina, made an appearance and I cried seeing her. I literally sobbed watching Carina cry. She was heartbroken seeing photos and videos of her brother.

Bailey finally admitted she needed some time off to spend with her family. Bailey has lost both her mother and DeLuca during the pandemic so far. I would want some time off too.

The memorial is simple, but moving. All the doctors put together short videos of themselves where they talked about what they loved most about DeLuca. At the end of the presentation was a video of DeLuca interviewing for Grey Sloan Memorial.

Sob fest up in here, let me tell you.

Now, don’t think we don’t get any beach time this episode because we do. The one and only Derek Shepherd waited on the beach for all of us — well mainly Meredith, but a girl can dream.

Meredith and Derek shared a moment where they talked to each other. Derek talked about all their children they shared together. Although he never got to meet Ellis, he knows that she is just like Meredith in every way, shape and form.

Meredith realized she had the power to change things, so she relaxed and when she opened her eyes again, Derek was a little bit closer to her. Which in turn meant Meredith is getting worse in real life.

I’m messed up for saying this, but I hope Meredith gets worse so we can see more of Derek. But, I also hope she doesn’t get worse because her poor children shouldn’t have to lose both of their parents.

I have mixed emotions.

At the end of the episode, Altman was seen sitting on a curb and looked dazed and confused.

More to come on that next week.

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