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‘Helplessly hoping’ nobody else shows up on Meredith’s death beach

Sami Geiger

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As the episode title states, I am “helplessly hoping” they don’t kill off another one of my favorite characters in “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Spoiler: another one bit the dust in this episode. Andrew DeLuca joined Meredith on the white sand beach.

Even Pierce, who was in a fancy hotel room, got interrupted to help Amelia tell their niece, Zola, her only parent left might die.

Poor Zola basically had no parents alive during this. I mean her dad, Derek Shepherd, was hit by a semi-truck and then her mom, Meredith Grey, was on a ventilator.

Now, let me tell you how DeLuca ended up on Meredith’s death beach.

DeLuca and his sister Carina followed a known sex trafficker — I get he wanted revenge and justice, but how did he not expect something bad to happen?

Anyways, DeLuca ended up getting stabbed in a train station. If you are lost or need an explanation on DeLuca’s need to find and stop Opal, I suggest watching ‘Station 19’ to get the whole story on DeLuca’s stabbing.

“Grey’s Anatomy” starts with the DeLuca siblings in the back of an ambulance, Carina starts singing the lullaby she used to sing to him when they were kids — you know right there that his time was up.

DeLuca was sent straight to the operating room, where Hunt and Altman spent hours trying to fix his injuries. Now, don’t get too excited that Hunt and Altman are on good terms — Hunt made it very apparent that if he could’ve had anyone else in the room with him, he would’ve.

The drama between Hunt and Altman was exhausting. There will always be some type of beef between them.

DeLuca showed up on Meredith’s death beach and shared he didn’t regret going after Opal. I would’ve gone about it in a way that didn’t result in me getting stabbed, but this is DeLuca’s beach time not mine.

DeLuca made it out of surgery — barely. Carina took that time to tell her brother that Opal and her partner were arrested and he had just saved countless children’s lives.

The show really made DeLuca have a heroic death. He literally stopped a sex trafficker from hurting another child. He deserves to be known for that.

Minutes later, DeLuca started to bleed out. Hunt and Altman got him into the O.R. but his damage was too great. 

That scene left me a little teary-eyed if I’m being honest.

Back on the death beach, DeLuca’s mother joined them on the beach. After no thought, DeLuca left Meredith on the beach and ran away with his mother.

This scene was honestly precious. 

Everyone is dying. DeLuca is dead, Meredith is basically dead, who’s next?

But in other news, I heard that April Kepner might be making a comeback as well as Derek will be making an appearance in next week’s episode.

Until next week, “Grey’s Anatomy” fans.

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