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“Grey’s Anatomy” takes an unexpected yet expected turn

Sami Geiger

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The comforting sound of Meredith’s narration started off the episode. She talked about what a virus does to the human body.

I started watching this show about a year or so ago, and I always had a thought of, what if her narrations are pieces of her mother’s journals? I mean, that’s a valid thought.

The ongoing question about whether Meredith will wake up or not has finally been answered in episode six. The scene cut to Meredith in her room as she finally woke up — what a miracle.

After a long few days, Meredith’s doctors informed her she will finally be able to come out in one week. She was able to see her children — or so she thought — there will be more to come on this.

Unpopular opinion, but maybe popular opinion: I haven’t been enjoying this season so far. COVID-19 has been overtaking these episodes. I understand that we are living in a pandemic, but I feel as though incorporating it into a show is a little much.

Luckily for us, this episode had a medical trauma come into the emergency room.

Two young individual come into the emergency room after being caught in a fire. One of the young ladies confirmed she started the fire on purpose after being kept in a man’s house against their will.

If I were in the same situation, I would’ve done something drastic too. They did what they could to get out of harm’s way.

It had been brought to the doctor’s attention one of the young lady’s mothers was arrested and the suspected kidnapper was brought into the hospital. I would be freaking out if I knew my kidnapper would be in the same place as I was.

Cutting into the drama, Webber relayed to his staff that Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital activated surge capacity protocol — they are about to receive twice the patients per day after Seattle Presbyterian Hospital reached capacity.

At the start of season 17, only attendings were allowed to attend to COVID-19 patients, but now that Grey Sloan is expecting twice the number of patients, everyone will be allowed to take care of COVID-19 patients.

Bailey refused to attend to any COVID-19 patients as she didn’t want to expose her children to the virus — especially after they just lost their grandma to it.

Honestly, it was honorable of Bailey to do that. I respect her for making the decision to not see any patients with the virus to keep her family safe and healthy.

Finally, catching up with the trauma again, the suspected kidnapper was brought into the hospital with burns on his body. Being a plastic surgeon, Avery was the one to attend to the kidnapper, even though he didn’t want to tend to his burns.

Avery didn’t think the kidnapper deserved medical treatment after kidnapping two innocent ladies. I don’t blame him for not wanting to treat him — that man did an unexplainable crime.

Koracick was tired of having roommates die, so he visited Meredith in her room.

It’s weird seeing Koracick care about someone other than himself, I mean the guy literally is self-absorbed — he believes he is the best neurosurgeon, which I think we all know Derek Shepherd takes that place.

Back in the emergency room Schmitt saw a woman who was supposedly mugged, but later she asked about the kidnapper and talked to someone on the phone.

We find out the woman who was supposedly mugged was actually the human trafficker from season 16: Opal. She was the one who brought Erin into the hospital.

This woman made DeLuca lose his marbles. He went insane trying to prove this woman of her crime.

Backtracking a bit, Altman and Hunt talked outside and Altman decided to reveal her best friend, Alison, and her were lovers. Hunt being Hunt wasn’t happy about the information he had received.

Popular opinion: I don’t like Hunt. He’s always so rude and uptight. He likes things to be his way or the highway.

Webber was worried about how his staff would react to COVID-19 — going along with the worrisome news, Meredith took a turn for the worst once again. I mean come on people, she was on a COVID-19 high.

There is no way she would magically be better after waking up from a two-week coma.

Unfortunately, Meredith was put on a ventilator as her lungs had too much damage to them.

Now everything we’ve been waiting for: DeLuca saw Opal in the parking lot of Grey Sloan.

Of course, typical “Grey’s Anatomy,” they left the episode there.

Unbenounced to anyone, the show took a four-week break, so they left us hanging for a long time.

A new episode came out this week, so stay tuned for next week’s “TV Talk.”

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