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Grey’s Anatomy Recap: ‘Life’s a Beach’

Sami Geiger

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Meredith Grey has seen it all, from bombs in chest cavities to patient attacks, but nothing prepared her enough for COVID-19. In this episode, Meredith was deteriorating from the virus.

She was getting every worse possible symptom. It is a bit much to watch someone suffer from the virus. It hits a little too close to home.

On the bright side though, every time Meredith falls asleep or passes out, she ends up on this white sand beach with her dead husband calling out to her from the other side of the beach.

Derek is seen as the light at the end of the tunnel, or in other words: heaven. At first Meredith can’t seem to get closer to Derek, but by the end of the episode, she starts to let go and is able to make her way to her husband — only to end up face down in the white sand.

Unfortunately, we don’t get any type of physical contact between the two. Let’s call up Izzie Stevens — that girl knows all the mechanics of having relations with dead hallucinatory boyfriends.

Any-who, back to the episode: Derek tells Meredith he will “be right here when (she’s) ready.” My predictions are they are going to kill Meredith off and end the show on that. So, one question remains: how soon will Meredith join Derek on that beach permanently?

If her loved ones have anything to do with it, Meredith will not be joining that beach anytime soon.

Dr. Pierce lost her fifty-third patient since the unforgivable pandemic hit Grey Sloan hospital. 

Most of her patients she lost are Black women, and the most recent reminded her too much of her mother who passed away from breast cancer. On top of that, she had to watch her sister, Meredith, fall apart from the virus.

Dr. Pierce looked at Meredith’s most recent lung scans. Terrified, she pulled Dr. Altman aside to discuss if she was still capable of treating Meredith.

Dr. Altman at the very least had to be able to treat Meredith because Dr. Pierce can’t — she needs to be Meredith’s sister, not her doctor.

After another grueling day, Dr. Pierce called her boyfriend Winston. With everything going on, she lost it when explaining that everything is just too hard. Now, when will Winston come to Seattle and comfort this woman? You know…after properly quarantining.

Another stressor added to the situation is the fact that Dr. Pierce and Dr. Amelia Shepherd had to discuss medical directives, should anything happen to Meredith.

With her power of attorney, Dr. Alex Karev, being far away from Seattle, they all asked Meredith to reconsider her medical decisions.

After much consideration, Meredith switched her power of attorney to Dr. Webber — how precious. Well, there goes any hope for Alex possibly showing up in season 17.

While we are on the topic of Webber, he is absolutely killing it as chief of chief’s. He implemented so many changes by increasing testing and filming informative videos for employees.

The only poor decision on his part was putting Dr. Koracick in charge of the new batch of interns. He is not good at it because he doesn’t respect the younger crowd. 

After almost half of the new interns quit, Koracick told Webber that Webber’s ability to teach and inspire interns is a serious gift. He told Webber he should be the one to teach and lead them to success, and that he did.

Webber should have never not been the one to teach the new interns. He has a way with the scared little interns — something that isn’t taught.

Webber took the remaining three interns into an empty operating room and gave them his famous Richard Webber pep talk: “This is your arena. How well you play, that’s up to you.”

His pep talk was so good and powerful that it almost made me want to become a surgical intern, but then again, I love sleep, so maybe not.

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