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‘The Center Won’t Hold’ the weight of COVID-19

Sami Geiger

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The big question so far is, will Meredith get COVID-19? Stay tuned and you’ll find out.

The episode is “The Center Won’t Hold,” and right away, I wondered if Meredith, seemingly the center of “Grey’s Anatomy,” got COVID-19. 

The episode started with Meredith talking with Dr. Avery and Dr. Hayes, new head of pediatric surgery, while Dr. Pierce met with her father, Dr. Webber.

It started off slow, and kind of unimportant. Not much happened, besides Dr. Bailey getting an x-ray on her foot after trying to break up the fight between the two fathers of the burn victims.

Amelia, head of neurosurgery, and Link, head of orthopedic surgery, live together in Meredith’s house, taking care of not only Meredith’s children, but also their own unnamed newborn baby.

Amelia and Link struggled to find a name that fits the baby.

In a flash, viewers are transported back to the hospital, watching Dr. Altman, co-head of cardiothoracic surgery, and Dr. Hunt talk about how Altman is worried because people are too afraid to come in for strokes and heart attacks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Grey’s Anatomy” made these episodes very realistic to what is happening in the real world. I felt as though I was having a flashback myself.

In an actual flashback in the episode, Webber watched his performance at the medical conference, and became wildly upset and worried about what it would do to his reputation. Webber spoke with Avery about how he believes not all his actions were from cobalt poisoning.

In attempts to talk with Webber, Avery also tried to convince him to call Avery’s mother, as Avery suspects Webber isn’t over her yet.

 As an audience member, I don’t think Webber is over Avery’s mom either.

As we go back to real time, Avery tended to the burn victims, coming to the conclusion that one of the burn victims needed surgery, as the burn had gone through to his lungs.

Avery asked Altman to join him on the surgery and interrupted her conversation with Hunt about their future relationship.

That relationship has too many issues — there honestly is no future.

In an attempt to bring some sort of happiness to Meredith, Hayes asked her to assist him with a surgery on a boy who had been impaled by a tree trunk.

In another operating room, Avery, Wilson, Pierce and Altman struggled to keep the other boy, Kayden, alive.

After Frankie’s surgery, Hayes told the father that surgery went well, but they had to take part of his kidney out. Unfortunately, the other doctors were not as successful.

Frankie’s father walked over and comforted Kayden’s father as he collapsed on the floor crying. Mind you, those two fathers were just recently fighting. People really do change.

Remember Altman and Hunt? Well Altman cheated on Hunt with Dr. Koracick, a neurosurgeon, the night before her and Hunt’s wedding.

Wilson confronted Altman in the staff room. Altman tried to defend herself but knows she made a mistake and is suffering the consequences. Wilson gave her some advice and told Altman to talk with Hunt.

Before Altman could talk to Hunt about their relationship, Hunt confronted her about cheating on him. He didn’t give her much time to talk before he drove away.

Meredith has been working the COVID-19 wing for days without sleep. DeLuca offered his help, and finally she obliged.

Meredith hated to admit it, but she is more like her mother than she thinks.

As the episode came to an end, Amelia and Link agree on naming their baby Derek — yes, after Derek Shepherd: world class neurosurgeon, McDreamy, loving brother and husband.

The episode ended with Hayes, finding Meredith passed out in the parking lot, collapsed and unconscious.

In what looks like a dream, the episode cut to Meredith on a beach, and at the other end was Derek, waving and calling her over.

Finally, after all these years of watching episodes without Derek, we got to see him, looking as good as ever.

The drama will continue next week.

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