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Love, drama and a whole lot of crying

Sami Geiger

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There is a lot of drama to unpack for this week’s TV Talk. Buckle up, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride. 

Week six

This week on “The Bachelorette,” Tayshia Adams continues her quest to find love. 

The week kicked off with a group date. “Bachelor in Paradise” stars Ashley Iaconetti and Jarod Haibon hosted a friendly competition, the “grown man” challenge. 

This challenge put the contestant’s math, spelling and cooking skills to the test. 

Harvard alum, Bennett Jordan, was on the group date. The rest of the contestants believe him to be extraordinarily smart because he went to Harvard. 

Surprisingly — he only excelled in the cooking portion — but it was enough for him to win the whole challenge.  

The evening went on and Ed Waisbrot won the “man child of the evening.” As the winner of that portion, he had to carry a baby doll around with him. 

It wouldn’t be “The Bachelorette” if there wasn’t drama. Waisbrot and Chasen Nick got into it. Waisbrot claimed Nick wasn’t there for the right reasons and was only there for Instagram followers. 

To save himself from the acquisitions Waisbrot was making, Nick said he was actually falling for Adams. As always, this drama took Adam’s away from the other contestants. She stepped in and seemingly ended the drama — or so she thought.

In the end, Ivan Hall got the group date rose.

The drama between Nick and Waisbrot didn’t seem to end after the group date. While the rest of the contestants moved on to the rose ceremony, Nick confronted Waisbrot, once again insisting on an apology. 

The other contestants looked pretty fed up with the drama between Nick and Waisbrot. Honestly, I was pretty tired of it too. 

This group date consisted of Chris Harrison and Wells Adams, another “Bachelor” fan-favorite,  hosting a wrestling match. 

The men got oiled up and wrestled while the others watched. Nick beat all of his opponents. In the final round, drama creators Nick and Waisbrot were the next to wrestle. But Waisbrot got to sit out on accounts of a shoulder injury — or he wimped out. 

As a result, Harrison asked one of the other contestants to step in. Noah Erb immediately stepped in. They wrestled it out, and in the end, Adams picked Nick to be the winner.

During the evening portion of the date, Adams spent meaningful time with the men. In the end, Erb received the group date rose. 

This week contained three eliminations: Jay Smith, Peter Giannikopoulos and Montel Hill. 

Week seven

Erb seemed to have tension with the rest of the contestants this week. That was, until Harrison announced the next group date.

Harrison told the men to write a song and serenade Adams. Unfortunately, nobody excelled in this area. 

Ivan Hall asked Adams to join him onstage. In turn, Adams invited Hall on the one-on-one date. During this date, they discussed a wide variety of topics from their family to more controversial topics like George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protest. In the end, Hall received a rose. 

On the next group date, Adams invited fan-favorites Becca Kufrin and Sydney Lotuaco to host some fun challenges. 

The contestants proposed to Adams after eating some very hot peppers. 

During the cocktail party portion of the date, Jordan and Blake Moynes made good connections with Adams. 

At the rose ceremony, Erb confessed to Adams that the other contestants weren’t taking her seriously because Erb had received the group date rose. 

Unfortunately for Erb, Adams investigated, and Erb couldn’t specify which contestants said they weren’t taking Adams seriously. 

Adams confronted the other contestants who questioned her and ended up canceling the cocktail party, leaving everyone else confused. 

Everyone went right to the rose ceremony. Adams eliminated Joe Park, Kenny Braasch, Jordan Chapman and Chasen Nick. 

Week eight

This week, we got the pleasure of having Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher’s appearance. She filled in for Harrison while he left to go drop his son off at college. 

Adams starts to have apprehensions about getting engaged, since she has been married and divorced before. 

Adams had a one-on-one date with Clark. This date consisted of taking wedding photos, which left Adams thinking about her previous marriage. 

Clark shared he also experienced a divorce, too.

Clark won Adams’ rose. 

The next group date consisted of the contestants crafting self-portraits. Adams felt satisfied finally having a solid group date. 

While art wasn’t any of the contestant’s strong suits, Adams was blown away by everyone’s honesty, leaving her with tears of joy. 

The second one-on-one date went to Eazy Nwachukwu. The two went to haunted grounds — definitely not my cup of tea. 

Later that night, Nwachukwu talked to Adams about his feelings. Unfortunately, Adams did not feel the same way.

Adams brought up the drama between Jordan and Erb. Fletcher announced that Jordan and Erb would be going on a two-on-one date with Adams. 

Even though Jordan seemed like a good guy, he turned out to be the villain of the season. He belittled his fellow contestant, Erb. 

The episode consisted of two roses and one elimination. Clark and Smith got the rose while Nwachukwu was sent home. 

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