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The claws are out this week on the “Bachelorette”

Sami Geiger

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There is so much tea to spill from the past two weeks of the “Bachelorette.” So, let’s dive right in to week four.

The episode began with the guys talking about how Clare’s sole focus was on Dale. But, in my eyes, if the girl knows what she wants, then I don’t see any issue with it.

For viewers, this is the moment we have all been waiting for since the beginning of the season. We finally know the meaning behind Chris Harrison’s comment, “congratulations, you just blew up the Bachelorette.”

Chris Harrison met with Clare one-on-one at her townhouse in the villa — he wanted to discuss the road she was going down. She had a choice: to continue her journey as the bachelorette or follow her heart and pursue things with Dale. 

Ultimately, she chose her last date with Dale. Clare wanted to express her feelings toward him and see if he was in the same place.

This left the rest of the guys with no cocktail party or rose ceremony. Clare pretty much left the rest of the guys in the dust while she went on a date.

At dinner, Dale and Clare shared stories about how both of their sets of parents met and how they both grieved the loss of one of their parents.

Eventually, Clare opened up to Dale and said she was falling in love with him. Lucky for her, Dale responded that he’d been dying to share he’s falling for her too.

 After a performance by Bri Stauss and Chris Watson , the two made their way back to Clare’s place where they spent the night together.

 It is important to note — for viewers — there is no time to nurture this love anymore because the next step was a proposal. This really speeds things along for the show as it tries to get another success story. 

The Bachelor nation hasn’t had many successes, as either couples get divorced or the couple realizes they weren’t meant to be together, after they come out in the real world. 

Clare then had to tell the other guys she was leaving the show to be with Dale. The guys didn’t know how to comprehend what she had just told them and probably didn’t react as well as they should have.

You can’t apologize for love, but you also can’t rush it.

Well, this is exactly what they did. Dale proposed to Clare and of course, she said yes. 

On the bright side for the guys though, they have a second chance at the process.

Chris told the guys they had a choice on whether to leave or wait for the new bachelorette. Ultimately, the remaining 16 men decided to show up for their second chance at love.

 The men anxiously waited for their new bachelorette, Tayshia Adams. 

A recap on week five

Let the journey begin — again — with a recap on the romance built in week five. 

The guys seemed to be pretty happy with their new bachelorette, Tayshia. 

Tayshia Adams is 30 years old. She was a contestant on season 23 of the Bachelor, season six of Bachelor in Paradise and now she is taking over as bachelorette. 

There are a lot of stop and go moments within the episode. For example, Tayshia met the 16 guys and had great conversations with them all night.

Stop: Chris took Tayshia aside to talk to her about the changes that were about to happen. Four more men were brought in the show. Those men included: Spencer, Montel, Peter and Noah.

Go: The night continued, conversations were flowing again and all was going well. The guys were getting their well-deserved one-on-one time with Tayshia. 

Chris brought in the first impression rose. It was now or never for the guys. And, the first impression rose went to Spencer. 

Tayshia canceled the rose ceremony, so she could get to know the guys better. The guys appeared to be relieved by this choice.

Go: Tayshia had her first group date. The lucky men who went on the dates included: Blake, Riley, Zac, Jordan, Noah, Peter, Kenny, Jay, Eazy and Spencer.

Tayshia and the men had a pool party later in the episode. Chris came in and split the guys up into teams to play splash ball, where the winning team got extra time with Tayshia.

The “blue team” won and got a celebratory barbeque and extra time with their girl, but only for a little bit until the “green team” joined them for a cocktail party.

Eazy got the win with the group date rose, and Jason had an attachment to Clare after just one date. He decided it wasn’t fair to Tayshia to lead her on, so he decided to leave and go home. 

Date card came back again with a one-on-one for Brendan. Brendan and Tayshia started their date with horseback riding around the resort, drinking margaritas, eating ice cream and getting interrupted by Chris.

At dinner they both shared their experiences with being married once and getting divorced. Brendan joyfully accepted the rose and shared a kiss in front of fireworks. 

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