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Sami Geiger

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We are going to be doing things a little differently, instead of doing recaps every week, I will be doing recaps every two weeks. Meaning, for all you lovely readers you get twice the drama in one sit down.

These past two weeks for “The Bachelorette” have been crazy.

So, let’s start with week 2, which was the first full week of dates for the men and Clare. 

This week there were three dates.

The first date was the dreaded group date. On the date they explored the area of love languages. The unlucky yet lucky men on the date were:

  • Riley, Jordan, Yosef, Ivan, Ben, Bennett, Zac C, Zack J and Dale

One of the love languages they explored during the date was words of affirmation. Clare posed in a tower creating a Romeo and Juliet vibe. Very romantic, if there weren’t over eight men listening to you express your love to a shared girlfriend.

Another love language was gifts, so each man brought a sentimental gift for Clare.

One last love language they dove into was tough — physical touch. If I am being honest this small part of the show was very uncomfortable since there are eight other men watching Clare and another man grope each other.

While we all thought Dale was going to get the group date rose, we were thrown off when Riley got the rose.

After Clare and Jason dug deep into their feelings and past traumas, the one-on-one rose went to Jason.

The second group date of the week was a dodgeball tournament. Not just dodgeball but strip dodgeball. The losing team had to take the walk of shame home while the winning team got to have a cocktail party. Cue all the bad ball jokes. The men on this date were:

  • Eazy, Chasen, Brandon, Brendan, Blake M, Joe, Garin, Demar, Kenny and Jay

 Chasen took home the group date rose.

Now onto week 3.

This week brought a lot of awkwardness and tough conversations.

The episode was immediately turned to Yosef confronting Clare about the little red flags and the group date he wasn’t even on.

Yosef expressed his concern with Clare, which to me was him showing his commitment to the show. But when the group date he wasn’t on got brought up he got unnecessarily mean towards Clare.

After he was done ranting, Clare tried to get a word in, but Yosef wouldn’t allow it. He kept digging at the fact she is the oldest bachelorette and wasn’t fit to be a mother.

Lucky for us, Clare eliminated him on the spot.

Cue the knight in shining armor, Dale. He came to her rescue and calmed her down. What a gentleman.

Clare cancelled the rest of the cocktail party and went straight to the rose ceremony. The men who went home this week were:

  • Garin, Blake M and Tyler S

The first group date was semi cancelled, and Clare decided to do a long dinner and drinks with the men on the groupdate card for the day. Men on that date included:

  • Jason, Jay, Eazy, Chasen, Blake, Ed, Riley and Dale

This elongated dinner party got steamy really quick between Dale and Clare. They spent almost an hour of the time together while the other men sat around and waited.

The rest of the conversations with the other men were quick and to the point, since Clare really only wanted to be with Dale. Shocker.

Dale got the group date rose. 

The one-on-one date this week went to Zack J. The poor dude thought he and Clare were going to have this magical day together. Well the magical day turned into an awkward encounter between the two.

After the awkwardness, Clare didn’t show up to the dinner portion of the date. Harrison came and told Zack J he was being sent home.

 The last group date for the week was a roasting party where the men got to roast the other men and Clare. Men on this date were:

  • Joe, Bennett, Brendan, Kenny, Ben, Jordan, Ivan, Zac C and Demar

Of course, being “The Bachelorette,” they had to have a live audience. The live audience being the rest of the men. All the roasting was then turned towards Dale.

Clare started to get upset about it and unknowingly called Dale her fiancé on live television. But good for her, it was not in front of the other men.

The episode ended with a look into next week’s episode, where it looks things will blow up in Clare’s face.

Catch it here next time for week four and five.

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