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Bachelorette Recap: the juicy, dramatic and gory details

Sami Geiger

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Welcome, all — you have stumbled upon my new column: “TV Talk.” 

To start this column off, I will be doing recaps of the new season of the Bachelorette, bringing you all the drama and tears for your reality TV fix.

Once the season has come to a dramatic end, I will be on the prowl for a new show to watch and recap for you. 

So, if you have any suggestions on what I should watch next, shoot any ideas my way.

But for now, here is a week one recap: 

As Chris Harrison said, this is the most dramatic season ever. Oh wait, he says that every season.

Let’s see what makes this season the most dramatic. I will be watching The Bachelorette, so you don’t have to.

Our lovely Bachelorette this season is Clare Crawley, who is 39 years old. You may have seen her on Juan Pablo’s season, season one and two of Bachelor in Paradise and a season of Bachelor Winter Games. 

While she is a beauty, let’s hope this is the last time we see her on our TV screens looking for love. 

As always, the season premiere started off with a look at the whole season. Spoiler alert: there is a lot of crying, by both the men and Crawley.

Harrison congratulated Crawley on blowing up the Bachelorette. I haven’t looked at any of the spoilers that have littered the internet, so I am just as confused as you are on what that statement means. 

Now, let’s all go on an adventure through Crawley’s journey to find love.

The show isn’t taking place at the famous Bachelor/Bachelorette mansion this year. Instead, their home base is in Palm Springs, Calif. at a resort all to themselves. 

After many negative COVID-19 tests later, the 31 men and Crawley finally met and exchanged hugs. Night one is full of meeting, mingling and drinking between the men and Crawley. 

As the night went on, the men — well some men — got one-on-one time with Crawley. As always, there was drama sparking between two of the men, which took Crawley away from talking to the others.

Before anyone knew it, in came Harrison with the first impression rose. If you aren’t an avid watcher of any of the Bachelor shows, the first impression rose goes to someone who really sparked the bachelor or bachelorette’s interest.

If I am being honest, I thought the first impression rose was going to Blake Moynes because he was the only man in the group to message her during quarantine. In the Bachelor world, contestants aren’t allowed to message the bachelor/bachelorette — even though they do — or else they risk not going on the show. 

Crawley was moved by the fact that Moynes messaged her to ask how she was doing during a tough time in her life.

But instead, the first impression rose went to Dale, who, from the previews, looks to be someone that is the apple of Crawley’s eye.

Things seemed to go smoothly after the first impression rose was given out, until Harrison came in to grab Crawley for the first rose ceremony. At that point, the men started to stress out, wondering if they made a good enough impression on Crawley to receive a rose. 

*Que the dramatic music in the background.* The men who received roses on Monday were:


  • Blake Moynes, Eazy, Ben, Riley, Zac J, Tyler S, Joe, Jason, Demar, Chasen, Jordan C, Blake Monar, Kenny, Brendan, Garin, Ed, Bennett, Zac C, Jay, Brandon, Ivan and Yosef

*Quick change from dramatic to sad music.* The men who went home on Monday were:

  • Tyler C, AJ, Chris, Jeremy, Jordan M, Mike, Page and Robby

*Now back to happy music.* They closed out the night with a toast and a heartfelt speech from Crawley.

See you all next week for the Bachelorette Season 16 Week 2 recap.

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