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Biden begins the process of selecting a vice president

Tiana Kuchta

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Back in March, Joe Biden spoke publicly about his plans to pick a woman to be his vice president. 

Now that he is the final Democratic nominee, people are beginning to wonder who this woman will be. According to The New York Times, black leaders are pushing Biden to select a black woman. 

This push is part of a plan to avoid the mistakes Hillary Clinton made four years ago. 

According to The Times, Cory Booker pitched himself as vice president to Clinton, but — though Booker made her shortlist — she ended up making the safer choice of Tim Kaine. 

This choice might explain why there was such a low turnout for black voters in 2016 and explain why Biden is being influenced to select a black woman. This selection is thought to encourage and motivate black voters to get out and vote come November. 

Biden and his team have repeatedly mentioned Kamala Harris and Stacey Abrams as possible choices, according to The Times. 

Harris ran for president herself this election season and is currently a senator for California. Abrams served in the Georgia house of representatives until 2017 and has been regularly speaking publicly about her desire to be vice president to Biden. 

That seems like a pretty narrow list, but CNN, on the other hand, has a top 10 list for women Biden might select. 

This list is much more expansive but still puts Kamala Harris in the number one position. Harris is followed by Amy Klobuchar and Catherine Cortez Masto, with Abrams placed in the number 10 position. 

I would also like to note Tammy Baldwin, a Wisconsin senator, is number nine on the list. 

While the selection of vice president is generally a more private process, the COVID-19 situation and stay-at-home orders have changed the game and made Biden much more open about his process. 

Biden announced his plans in moving forward with this selection, telling James Corden on The Late Late Show that they will announce the committee who helps with this selection by May 1 and have a narrowed down list by July. 

This selection will give Democrats something new to look forward to in the coming months and, depending on Biden’s selection, it might be the perfect thing to encourage more people to get out and vote come November. 

Regardless of who Biden chooses or how President Trump continues to handle to COVID-19 crisis, remember how important it is to have your voice heard and make a difference for the future of this country. 

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