Club Penguin is back better than ever

Here’s something to entertain yourself

Robin Armagost

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After almost two years of being shut down, Club Penguin makes a return.

Ever since UW-Eau Claire and every other university closed in mid-March, I — like many others — have had time to chill out at home without any homework for a few weeks. During those few weeks, I have done nothing productive. 

Each night, I would stay up later and later, to the point where I have gone completely nocturnal. 

Why would I stay up so late? My only answer to that is: because I can. If I do not need to get up in the morning, I won’t. Due to this, I am now usually awake from 1 p.m. to 5 a.m.. 

If you have had the same problem as me and are looking to fix your messed up sleeping schedule, this will not help you at all. 

What I can do, however, is suggest something fun to do with your time throughout the night: Club Penguin Online.

Some of us may remember playing on Club Penguin. 

Club Penguin is a virtual world where you can create your own penguin, play mini-games, chat with friends, buy items to dress up your penguin and decorate your igloo with virtual money you get from playing mini-games. 

Club Penguin, launched in 2005, shut down in 2017, but is now launched again mid-quarantine. 

In the original launch, a lot of items and games were blocked behind a paywall and you would have to pay for a membership to gain access to them. 

Now — the best part — is that everyone automatically has a membership. Nothing is locked behind paywalls. Not only that, but there are now “mature servers” for players. 

There are five servers on Club Penguin Online: Flippers, Frozen, Walrus, Tea and Mammoth, which are reserved as the mature servers. 

On the original Club Penguin, swearing would get you banned from the site. Now, with the introduction of the mature servers, anyone can say anything. And I mean anything. 

After spending many nights on the mature servers, I realized that many of the other penguins are also college students and young adults. 

None of us really have anything to do, so why not visit our childhood? 

Club Penguin Online is definitely not the same as it was when we were kids, which makes sense because none of us are children anymore. Yet, the things I see in the servers are still just as ridiculous. 

Many people turn their igloos into bars and strip clubs — yes you heard that right — penguin strip clubs. I never thought the virtual penguins could be sexualized, but I guess no one is safe. 

A lot of people I see on the mature servers are really just bored and thirsty, looking for a penguin lover or penguin booty call. 

If you don’t believe me, you can go check it out yourself. You can sign up and create a new penguin here.

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