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Small Business Saturday can be more than one day


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Small Business Saturday is only recognized once a year and takes place in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. burlap canvas

In 2019, online shopping done on Small Business Saturday reached a new record of 3.6 billion dollars spent toward local or independent businesses, according to Adobe Analytics. Small businesses in the United States employ 48 percent of the country’s work industry.

Hand-made jewelry for a best friend and a knitted scarf for mom: as the holiday season approaches, the search for an authentic or specialized gift is on many people’s minds.

Small Business Saturday centers on the busiest time to shop in the U.S., the last weekend of November in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

While Small Business Saturday is only recognized once a year, its impact spans the entire 364 days before and after it. 

According to BigCommerce Platform, Small Business Saturday surged in 2010 to market off the United States’ shopping weekend. BigCommerce states the officialized date has boosted long term benefits for small businesses.

Adobe Analytics statistics state how online shopping done on Small Business Saturday in 2019 reached a new record of 3.6 billion dollars spent on local or independent businesses.

These statistics alone showcase the true impact a small business can have on the United States’ boosting economy. 

While there are big name-brand companies leading the industry of consumerism, small businesses also can place a huge influence on the nation’s shopping choices.

BigCommerce Platform states how small businesses fill 99 percent of all businesses within the United States and will employ 48 percent of the country’s work industry. 

However, these large numbers may not give reassurance to small business owners.

When looking at the future, only 50 percent of small or independent businesses survive past a five-year mark of retail.

Business owners spend months or even years anticipating the arrival of the Black Friday shopping season. This is no different for smaller businesses.

However, large companies have an increased amount of resources alongside them and do not worry about whether or not they need to close their doors within five years.

The Small Business Administration encourages shoppers throughout this time of year to check out what small shop retailers have to offer. 

Encouraging new habits of shopping can begin by walking into a local storefront. Getting to know the owner can make your gift more meaningful, as you share their story with your loved ones.

For business owners, the Small Business Administration provides advice to prepare for the holiday rush. This includes promoting social media advertisements through the hashtag #SmallBizSat.

With independent businesses worrying about sale engagement and being recognized, having an administration to facilitate advice is a great way to keep this economic platform going.

Within the local area, Visit Eau Claire organized a list of small independent businesses for the community to shop at during this years’ Small Business Saturday.

Local business options within the Eau Claire area include Tangled Up in Hue, a headquarter storefront for many online small businesses. 

It is one store hosting a variety of independent shops and providing connections to companies who otherwise may not have the resources to manage a storefront on their own.

Each company deserves to engage with their audience, and Tangled Up in Hue makes this dream a reality.

Good and Sturdy Vintage is owned by Jon Shemick and showcases vintage, one of a kind mid-century clothing items. 

Shemick’s store emulates the mission of Small Business Saturday and supporting local businesses year-round. It’s a location to find specialized gifts and shares the story of a community.

Small Business Saturday provides a great way to focus consumers on local and independent options.

Nevertheless, these efforts can progress past the November shopping weekend. Continual support can turn this holiday into small business every day.

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