Fake mass shooting video sparks controversy

‘The Trumpsman’ video depicts violence against adversaries of president

Madeline Fuerstenberg

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November 2, 2020

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A parody video depicting President Donald Trump as a mass shooter was aired at a pro-Trump conference in his Miami resort.

Last week, a violent video was shown at a pro-Trump convention hosted at President Donald Trump’s Miami resort, reported USA Today

This video depicted Trump’s head edited over Colin Firth’s character in “Kingsman: Secret Service.” This character is shown entering a church — dubbed “Church of Fake News” — where the congregation is made up of news outlets and Trump adversaries. 

Things quickly escalate in the video as “Trump” pulls out a gun and triggers a violent outburst where he is depicted murdering figures representing CNN, Barack Obama, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, HuffPost and even Black Lives Matter.

The video, originally named “The Trumpsman (The Kingsman Parody),” even features Trump’s 2020 reelection logo. The video was created by an organization called TheGeekzTeam, said USA Today. 

It has been reported that Trump was unaware of this video’s existence. He had not heard about it until after it was shown. Donald Trump Jr. and Sarah Huckabee Sanders were reportedly scheduled to speak at this convention, though both claimed they were unaware of the video prior to the event, said USA Today.

First of all, I really doubt anything happens at that resort without Trump knowing it. And I especially don’t believe that he’s never seen that video before.

If somebody really wants to try to convince me that man doesn’t sit in front of a computer and Google himself on a daily basis, go ahead. It will not work.

Second of all, this is absolutely disgusting. It should come as no surprise, however, that Trump incites notions of violence and hate. 

This entire video promotes violence against people who oppose your views. It promotes murdering those people, really. And the Trump supporters at that conference were probably cheering at this video.

Like I said: disgusting.

Is this really what our country has come to? There are actually people out there making jokes about mass shootings.

And I’m a journalist. It’s so upsetting to watch a video of our president violently murdering figures representing a lot of major news organizations (besides Fox News, naturally). I can’t help but feel afraid about what this might mean for myself and my fellow journalists if Trump gets reelected.

I’m not trying to say Trump has any sort of intention to leave his ivory castle and start attacking people, but this is exactly the sort of hatred he inspires. There are only so many times he can yell “ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE” before some fanatics start taking that way too seriously.

The only thing scarier than one hateful person is a hateful person who holds great influence over many people with malleable minds. Whether or not Trump had anything to do with this video being shown at the conference, it really doesn’t matter. His harmful rhetoric and close-minded opinions only encouraged someone else to make or show it.

A true leader does not incite violence or spew hatred. She inspires unity and level-headedness. 

A true leader does not make shady deals with foreign powers or make enemies of the press. She looks to her own people for strength and encourages transparency. 

Trump is not a real leader. 

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