The Internet’s fourth studio album “Hive Mind”

A look into the group’s groovy 2018 release

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Syd tha Kyd is the queen bee to The Internets 4th LP “Hive Mind”

Photo by Columbia Records

Syd tha Kyd is the queen bee to The Internets 4th LP “Hive Mind”

After The Internet’s 2015 breakthrough album “Ego Death,” the groovy R&B group, after some time apart, put their heads together to create “Hive Mind.” Their fourth full album is an example of the group’s evolution into a flowering unit.

Originally based from Tyler the Creator’s OFWGKTA group, Syd tha Kyd and Matt Martians broke off to form their own contemporary R&B group with guitarist and producer Steve Lacy, bassist Patrick Paige II and drummer Christopher Smith.

The band at first struggled with incomplete beats and below-average lyrics, but after the band’s third LP “Ego Death,” the group decided to have every member of the band release a solo project before coming back to record their fourth album.

The group’s purpose for this was to encourage individuality and musical growth, letting every member do what they want to do in their music and seeing what works. It allowed everyone to come back to the band knowing what they want to do next as a collective, bringing it all together to create a “Hive Mind.”

This album is evidence of The Internet’s maturity and growth as a group.

Lead singer Syd tha Kyd carries the group’s neo-soul sound through lyrics of lust, seduction and queer love. Martians’ beats bleed into each other, taking the listener on a seductive, groovy and jazzy trip. Syd continues to sing soft and effortlessly cool, as the group is able to play naturally and in sync with each other.

“Come Over” is an example of the group’s ability to work as one. After a funky, laid back beat about Syd lusting for her lover to come over, the song transitions over a skit to a hidden track “Diamond Rangz” with a bubbly synth and playful beats.

No sound or instrument feels forced on this album, and “Mood” illustrates The Internet’s unique use of sound in their groovy synth and driving bass work flawlessly together.

The dreamy funky bass and Syd’s high pitched smooth voice on “Hold On” close the album with Syd begging her lover to stay, repeating “hold on” and “can’t stop love” in the chorus.

“Hive Mind” is The Internet’s most soulful project yet. Their textures and sound continue to grow in complexity and funk without being forced. The future is bright for The Internet, cohering with a hive mind with Syd tha Kyd as queen bee.

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