Self love is the best love

Kick off the covers and start your day!

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November 12, 2018

Let’s discuss the topic of self preservation. Mundane activities tend to bog us down hours at a time and all too quickly our day disappears into a fog. Whether it’s an overwhelming class load, work schedule or lifestyle.

I can personally attest to not changing my sheets, eating macaroni and cheese for the fourth time this week and biting my nails down to the stub because a nail clipper is just too much work. All while my list of “to dos” grows monumentally by the second.

It’s hard to stay focused in a chaotic environment, with a mind pulled in a thousand different directions. Stressors can be easily removed with room to spare for extra motivation.

College is most likely the biggest stressor students will experience during the year. It’s a package of a thin financial state, change in diet, small living conditions, sleep, social environment and more. Although, now that it’s November, students may finally be adjusted, but there are plenty who haven’t yet.

Collectively we all need to take better care of ourselves. We let our work get in the way of better health and eventually it is too late and we are burnt out.

My definition of self preservation would be the love one show themselves, body and mind; this love keeps you feeling refreshed and energized.

Take care of your soul, body and mind. Self care doesn’t require an expensive spa day or therapist. Fifteen to thirty minutes of alone time in a quiet space, washing those dirty clothes piling up in the laundry basket or replacing morning coffee with water for a day or two can immensely help.  

Perhaps it’s time to rejuvenate the soul with a good book or a stimulating walk outside. The temperature may reflect the beginning of winter. However, a warm jacket and pair of shoes keeps you toasty warm so the fresh air can wipe away the worlds worries that tend to invade the mind.

Instead of muting a morning alarm, jump out of bed. This way there’s time for a productive morning — and hopefully breakfast. This provides more time to put yourself together and wake all the way up. Trust me, I know the difficulty of an alluring warm comforter.

Write about your hopes and dreams, your day, how you are feeling or a love letter to yourself. This method really helps to relieve whatever tensions are being carried. If advantageous, start a journal; write a little bit everyday and organize your thoughts a little bit at a time.

Wash your sheets every couple of weeks. According to CNN, bacteria grows quickly from dust, sweat and everything else that touches your bed. Washing and drying them often kills the bacteria, keeping your health strong. Also, I know I always sleep better on clean soft sheets. This will increase your day to day productivity and sleep cycle. A well-rested body is a happy body.

What you put into your body is vital to overall well being. There’s a difference between a splurge due to cravings and just a bad diet. Drink water. There are so many benefits from staying hydrated. According to Healthline, water increases brain function, prevent headaches and keep those pimples away.

Honestly, do whatever you can to keep yourself mentally and physically happy. I hope some of these ideas help you understand the benefits of stress relief and how they can boost your day and mood. YOU are important so keep that in mind when you are booked and stressed out. At the end of the day your health matters more than any assignment or obligation.

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