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The fight for men who can’t reach both pedals

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The World Wide Web is bigger and faster than ever in human history. It allows users to be connected to many different sites and communicate with millions of people everyday. There are users, however, who use this power to harm, torment and abuse people that they don’t agree with or find distasteful. One group of people has been affected by this cyberbullying unlike any other: short men.

For months, Twitter has been the battleground of this war and the victims have all been guys that are 5-foot-8 inches or shorter. Many people will try to go viral with tweets that bash small men.

One tweet reads: “I went out with my 5’1” friend and her 5’2” boyfriend on Sunday. It was like walking 2 Pomeranians.”

That tweet got over 179,000 likes. 179,000 people who support the defamation of compact boys. The audacity to insult these short kings is becoming a serious problem. This vile treatment is irrational because it’s origin comes from a human aspect that they have no control over.

The slander of men as tall as middle schoolers even extends outside the digital world. On Tuesday, September 11, the United States faced Mexico in an international friendly soccer match. During that match, basketball-hoop-sized Matt Miazga teased short king Diego Lainez for being ten inches shorter than him.

Many tiny men came to his defense, including television writer, comedian and short king advocate Jaboukie Young-White.

Trying to make kings feel less-than just to boost your low confidence… Typical tall behavior,” Young-White tweeted.

An ego is big, but the community that supports small men is bigger.

Just because a man may only wear size small shirts does not mean he is any less than anyone else. Just because he is as short as Winnie the Pooh does not mean he can be pet on the head. Just because he is represented by the small version of Mario in Super Mario Bros rather than the tall version does not mean is weak. All short men deserve the same love and respect as any tall man.

Now marks the dawn of a new movement meant to fight for those men who can’t reach the top cabinet in the kitchen without a step stool. It is time that America stands up for the short kings!

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