United States now the only country to not sign Paris Agreement

Apparently fighting climate change isn’t ‘favorable’ enough for U.S.



Last week, the United States became the only country not signed with the Paris Agreement.

Last week, Syria joined the Paris climate agreement, making the United States the only country opposed to the deal, stated The New York Times.

President Donald Trump said the U.S. won’t sign the agreement unless he can renegotiate terms “more favorable for our country,” according to the same article.

Apparently not suffering from the effects of climate change isn’t “favorable” enough for the U.S. Who knew?

The Paris Agreement, according to the United Nations, aims to “strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change” by preventing a two-degree Celsius global temperature rise.

“To reach these ambitious goals, appropriate financial flows, a new technology framework and an enhanced capacity building framework will be put in place,” the United Nations wrote, “thus supporting action by developing countries and the most vulnerable countries, in line with their own national objectives.”

The President of the United States is foolish for not signing this agreement. This man is trying to get us killed, in one way or another.

Trump said he believes this agreement would be bad for businesses.

However, major companies are in favor of the treaty, according to Harvard Business Review.

Even though Trump and his team keep telling everyone that climate action is somehow bad for the economy, most companies don’t agree with that assessment,” the article stated.

In a statement published in the Wall Street Journal, CEOs of major companies wrote they think not signing this agreement could lead to “negative trade implications.”

CEOs from companies such as Campbell’s Soup Company, Johnson & Johnson, Tesla and The Walt Disney Group signed the statement.

Saving the environment will never be bad for business. It won’t harm the economy and it certainly won’t harm the country or its citizens. The Trump administration’s ignorance to climate change cannot be justified — especially with the “fake news” our president loves to spread so much.

In addition, cities all over the country have pledged to abide by the Paris Agreement even if POTUS won’t, as stated in a CBS News article. This includes major U.S. cities like New York and Los Angeles as well as ten states, including Washington and Hawaii.

In Wisconsin, Dane County, the cities of Milwaukee and Glendale, and UW-Stevens Point each said they would adhere to the agreement despite Trump’s refusal, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

This is exceptional. If large cities and companies — groups that are major contributors to pollution and global warming — agree to reduce their carbon footprints, positive change will occur. Now if only the rest of the country complied.

To everyone who sides with Trump and doesn’t want to comply with the Paris Agreement, I want to ask why you want millions of innocent people to die from disease, malnutrition or heat stress. I wonder why you think saving a couple dollars — or however you think this would benefit you — is more important than human lives.

And to Mr. Trump: I wonder if you’ll ever find an ounce of empathy for people who live in this country. I’m sure the time, money and effort spent changing the way our businesses and cities function will be deemed “favorable” for the U.S. when the human race is still around by the turn of the century.