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Will more places rename their schools, following the lead of one in Mississippi?


An elementary school in Jackson, Mississippi is being renamed after Barack Obama, according to CNN.

The school is currently named after the only President of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis.

The community proposed renaming the school the population is 98 percent African-American after the first black president.

The name change came to be after the school district board decided last month to allow the option to rename schools if they were named after Confederate leaders.

The name change will occur next school year, CNN reported.

The Spectator Editorial Board assembled to dispute whether or not more schools will follow this one in Mississippi.

The first speaker thought the name change was a good idea since the 44th President represents civil rights rather than slavery.

One member said they couldn’t see why anyone would be upset about the name change.

“There could be the argument of ‘you’re taking away history…’ but I don’t think you can put up much of a fight about this, because this is … a learning environment,” the member said. “This is not what students should be held under.”

Another member said they don’t know the number of schools named after Confederate historic figures, but it’s more than just this school. It’s “uncomfortable” to put students in a learning environment named after someone who did not respect black people, the speaker said.

“It just seems a little silly to have schools with the name of a Confederate leader,” the speaker said, “especially if way over the majority of the population is African-American.”

One member pointed out the schools don’t need to be named after presidents or historical figures.

“I don’t think that’s necessary,” they said. “That doesn’t really have anything to do with anything, I guess. It shouldn’t be a big deal to change it.”

The Spectator Editorial Board voted 7-0-1, saying more schools will follow suit of this one in Mississippi and one member choosing to abstain from voting.