Ed. Board, Feb. 16

Is it justified to steal a $237 bottle of champagne if it is certain to win you love?

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A man shoved a $237 bottle of champagne from a Chippewa Falls liquor store down his pants in an attempt to steal it on Monday, Feb. 6, according to a write up in the Chippewa Herald.

The Chippewa Falls Police Department responded by posting a video of the surveillance footage to Youtube, set to Darius Rucker’s song “Alright.”

“He must’ve really been in trouble with his significant other and thought an expensive bottle of champagne would woo her,” a Facebook post by the police department said.

The Spectator editorial board convened on Thursday to debate whether it is justified to steal a $237 bottle of champagne if it is certain to win you love.

The first speaker disagreed. If someone wants to be in a relationship, they should be looking for more than material possessions as a sign of love, the speaker said.

“If you’re going for a golddigger, then sure it’s justified,” another speaker said.

A different speaker questioned whether it is healthy to be in a relationship in which your significant other wants you to steal goods to prove your love.

“You shouldn’t be with someone just because they got you a nice bottle of champagne,” another member said. “Just because they’re broke doesn’t mean they’re not worth it.

Another member brought up a frequently debated question of ethics.

“Is it morally wrong to steal medication for your dying wife?” the speaker said. “I wouldn’t say this reaches that extremity, but I think it is a fair issue of ethics to bring up.”

Another speaker agreed with previous speakers in their assessment of what values should be present in a romantic relationship, and disagreed in regards to the question of ethics posited by the previous speaker.

“I hope that champagne is not comparable to pills, for anyone,” the speaker said. And if anyone thinks it is, they need help and we should be providing resources for these people.”

The board voted 4-2 against whether stealing a $237 bottle of champagne is justified if it is certain to win you love.