Great Debate

Madison vs. Minneapolis

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Great Debate
December 6, 2016


My first experience with the vibrant city of Madison, Wisconsin was during my junior year of high school: walking up and down State Street, sampling the delicious food and ducking into hole-in-the-wall shops.

With all it has to offer, it’s no question why so many people flock there. And it’s definitely not because it has a Target.

Madison is a bustling hub of art, culture and activity home to many festivals like Art Fair on the Square and Great Taste of the Midwest, which celebrates one of Wisconsin’s favorite commodities: beer.

In addition, Madison is one of the greenest and healthiest cities in America. Lake Mendota is perfect for all fishers, canoers and outdoorsmen.

Lake Mendota was also the site of a prank which began in 1979 when UW-Madison students built the Statue of Liberty’s head, crown and torch upon the frozen waters. From 1979-2011, anyone could kneel upon the ice and cry, “You maniacs! You blew it up!”

Madison is home to over 200 parks, as well as numerous bike trails. A network of over 200 miles of trail connects the entire city, allowing residents to burn off those extra cheese curds and Budweisers.

Although most college towns are remembered by more notorious means, UW-Madison emphasizes the Wisconsin Idea: improving the community outside the classroom. Students distribute farm crops to the poor, mentor local children and more.

UW-Madison and Bucky Badger also offer a taste of hometown pride as one of the greatest college sports towns in the country. After all, Madison was the last to win Paul Bunyan’s axe.

So would you rather munch on a Oscar Mayer weiner, throw back a couple of cold ones and take a bike ride, or would you rather slog through a hot, crowded mall and eat a piece of toast? The choice is yours.  

Deanna Kolell, Copy Editor


If the fact that the Target headquarters being housed in Minneapolis doesn’t immediately sway you, here are a couple reasons why the Twin Cities trumps Madtown every time.

From the invention of the honeycrisp apple to Minnesota native Prince, Minneapolis has had a lot to offer over the years.  Sure, Madison is home to the Oscar Mayer weiner but Minneapolis is home to Halsey Hall.  A Minneapolis sports reporter and announcer was the first person to say “Holy cow” over the radio during a home run.  What everyday comments or phrases have come from Madison?

Famous baking icon Betty Crocker first debuted on a Minneapolis radio station and Charles Strite, the inventor of the first pop-up toaster, was born here.  If you wanted someone to thank for your muffins and toast in the morning, I’d say Minneapolis is a safe bet.

Along with the topic of food, the Mars Inc. Candy Company was founded in Minneapolis in 1920.  This holiday season, while you’re either buying discount Halloween candy or stocking up for Christmas, remember where those Milky Ways and Snickers originated from.

That’s right, not Wisconsin.

Did you also know that Minneapolis is the nation’s most literate city?  In an article written in 2015 by USA Today, the top ten most literate cities included Minneapolis at number one and St. Paul at number three.  Sadly, Madison didn’t make the list.

On a happier note, Minnesota is home to the Mall of America, with 1.15 miles of walking distance, 27 rides and attractions in Nickelodeon Universe, over 520 stores and 40 million visitors annually.  All this paired with the fact that Minneapolis has no sales tax on apparel and accessories means that you can buy even more awesome stuff.

All of these unique and creative things have come from or are in the great town of Minneapolis.  So tell me, what does Madison have to offer?

Sara Klein, Staff Writer