Never being wrong with being politically correct

Embracing political correctness shows the respect all people deserve

When we hear the term politically correct used in the media we most often hear it used in a negative context. It is somehow seen as a threat to the first amendment or as something stifling.

Being politically correct is about tolerance and respect. Basically don’t use racial slurs or mock people.

You can still make jokes while not disrespecting other people in the process.

Asking people to be politically correct and expecting politicians to be politically correct is just asking for basic respect from all people. Attempting to understand our differences and striving to create respectful environments for everyone.

The conservative way doesn’t understand the concept of tolerance. For example, Donald Trump claims he “doesn’t have time for political correctness” and then calls Latinos rapists. It’s common courtesy to show respect to people you don’t know.

Being politically correct isn’t about being offended by everything, but when people are offended by language they find rude they are allowed to feel this way. When you are with that person you should avoid using language they find exclusive so you don’t make them uncomfortable. It’s the right thing to do.

Being politically correct is about inclusion and working toward living in a community where being respectful to others is the norm.

According to a study done by researchers at Cornell University, Jack Goncalo, found that people who were instructed to be more politically correct generated superior ideas compared to groups instructed to be polite or given no instruction.

The Guardian said Goncalo’s results came about because political correctness provides a set of norms for how members of each gender should relate to each other, which would otherwise be ambiguous. This frees the group and allows them to express ideas they might otherwise withhold. Goncalo said you would expect the same results when race is the tension point in the situation.

Being politically correct and showing other people respect benefits everyone in the long run and allows groups of people to accomplish more than if they were not being politically correct.

When we show respect and try to use inclusive language, we move toward building a more inclusive community.