Crocs are nothing but coolness and comfort

These distinctive shoes are amazing and offer a number of benefits


Photo by Andrea Montgomery

Montgomery wears her crocs in inclement weather, showing off her Jibbitz

When someone thinks of the most comfortable, practical good looking shoes out there, they most likely do not automatically think of Crocs, but I sure do. To me, Crocs are the perfect shoes, and I think everything about those porous shoes are wonderful.

Crocs are perfect for any summer weather condition. A rainy day? Crocs are waterproof and can easily withstand any puddles and not be damaged. Mud? Crocs are extremely easy to maintain. They can get as dirty as you want and then you can easily rinse them off.

If you go on a casual nature hike and wear your nice, new Nikes they could easily get scuffed when they come in contact with water or mud. Not Crocs. Your feet might get a little dirty, but with Crocs’ hole-filled exterior, your feet will never smell since they act as a ventilation system keeping your feet cool.

Picture this: A beautiful hot summer day, walking around in your crocs. You see the cool beautiful Chippewa River and can dip your feet in without having to untie laces or hurt your toes with flip flops. After a dip, you can slip back into your Crocs and your feet will dry themselves without any wet shoe discomfort.

Crocs have very good arch support and they keep your feet extremely comfortable. When I first came to UW-Eau Claire, my friends made fun of my Crocs. However, after trying them on, they realized how comfortable and easy they are to wear to class and now all have their own pair.

For the haters out there who say Crocs aren’t fashionable, you are extremely wrong. They are super customizable and you can express yourself through them. There are so many ways you can make them your own.

Jibbitz are tiny decorative snaps that fit into the top holes of Crocs. There’s a variety to choose from and they can tell you a lot about a person. You can express your interests and make them fashionable by choosing your own. I have a Harry Potter Jibbitz showing the four houses of Hogwarts, my favorite Disney princesses, a rainbow and some gems.

You can also swap the adventure straps with your friends. This is a true act of friendship like a friendship bracelet. Right now my right Croc has a green strap from the Croc of my best friend. This way when people see me wearing Crocs they don’t have to question if I have friends or not, they can just take a glance and see that I do.

They are also fun because if you wear socks with them, maybe on a chilly night walk so your toes can stay warm, you can see the socks through the holes. This way everyone can see your cute or quirky mismatched socks.

Since we’re talking about fashion, Crocs look good with any outfit from a casual sweatshirt to a prom dress. I wore my Crocs to prom and danced the night away in comfort.

Crocs also make enduring chores and a long shift of standing less painful afterwards. When I’m doing chores around the house I always wear my Crocs for arch support, and I enjoy chores much more. After work, I always change from my work shoes into my Crocs. After a long shift of standing, I can stand even longer without my feet hurting.

All I’m saying is don’t knock them until you try them. Crocs are the best and anyone who argues has never tried them.

Get a pair in your favorite color and enjoy the neverending fun of stepping in puddles.