How to feel like a million bucks

Everyday methods for making each day a successful one

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Photo by Angel Vang

Most importantly, remember that you are awesome and take care of yourself.

Admit it: Most of us take naps instead of catching up on assignments and studying for exams.

We hesitate on whether or not we should finally get going on the midterm paper that’s due soon as the countdown is ticking for the next episode to play on Netflix.

Sometimes, through the course of being a busy student, you can feel as if you have accomplished nothing. How ironic. Shouldn’t you feel like you have accomplished something after being such a busy bee?

Nope, just finishing another hectic day filled with stress, agonizing groans and endless lists of assignments and to-do’s.

I experience this situation a lot and it makes me feel like I am doing nothing with my life. I barely have time to eat or sleep. It’s pretty overwhelming.

Instead of ending up on that desperate fifth page of your Google search, I have gathered a list of some methods I use myself to help me feel like I have accomplished something on a daily basis, and I implore you to incorporate them into your daily lives.

Make a to-do list. Lists are great whether they be lists of your favorite cereal brand, places you want to visit or things you will never do.

This is a method I love to use. Instead of using the traditional solid circle bullet points, try using hollow squares. This can be written in your planner, a receipt, post-it note or a scrap of paper.

After completing a certain task, I simply color in that box. You will never guess how great it feels to simply color in those boxes and see them all filled in at the end of the day.

Find something motivating by treating yourself, which acts as positive reinforcement. Perhaps reward yourself with food, a three-hour nap or one more episode of “The Office.” Knowing you deserve the reward makes it fulfilling, and you will enjoy it more instead of having responsibilities lingering in your mind, whispering in your ears.

Another method I use, which can also be a reward, is to do what I love every day. I personally have a hard time with this. My mind is not at ease if my assignments are not completed. Nonetheless, make an attempt, whether it be drawing, sneaking in a gaming break, walking or hanging out with friends. Just remember your limits.

One thing I try to stay consistent with is grooming myself. To prepare myself for the week, I deep clean my face every Sunday and pluck my eyebrows. You might want to get a haircut, paint your nails, draw a bubble bath or give yourself a personal spa day. Giving yourself a fresh look can prepare you for the upcoming week.

Most importantly, as cliche as it sounds, take care of yourself. You’re only human and can only do so much. Get enough sleep, eat healthily, drink tea, exercise and maybe binge on Netflix for a couple hours or so. Enjoy every day by looking forward to something.