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Should Wisconsin pass a bill that would revoke drivers licenses for 10 years for repeat drunk driving offenders?

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December 14, 2017

Wisconsin lawmakers have decided to address the high number of repeat drunk driving offenders with their new law proposal that would allow authorities to take away driver’s licenses of repeat offenders for up to a decade.

In Wisconsin, where drinking culture is prevalent and to some extent, protected, The Spectator staff was in agreement with the proposal of this bill.

“If someone is convicted of drunk driving five times, at that point they need help and they shouldn’t be endangering others on the road.” One member said.

According to an article in The Leader Telegram, the bill would permanently revoke the licenses of individuals who have committed five or more operating while intoxicated offenses. Those individuals would be able to apply to have their licenses back after 10 years.

The Department of Transportation could then choose whether or not to reinstate the individual’s license depending on their criminal standing during the ten-year period.

“You hear on the news about people getting their seventh and eighth (operating while intoxicated citations) and it’s unbelievable that these people are still able to be on the roads, so in reality I think it should be less than five offenses when people are getting their license taken away.”

During a Nov. 12 hearing, Rep. Eric Genrich told the judiciary committee that while the law isn’t the cure to drunken driving all together, it is an attempt to address habitual offenders.

“A misconception adults have about driving is that it’s their right to be on the roads” one member said regarding the danger drunk drivers put others in when they insist on operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

The Spectator’s Editorial Board was in unanimous agreement that this bill be passed for Wisconsin drivers.