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Spring vs Fall semester

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Three months, or nearly 100 days total of complete academic freedom creates many feelings in different people.

For some it’s relief. Spring semester kicked their butt and they’re ready for a much needed break. For others it’s stressful, as many students resume their jobs and watch their summer tick away, one eight-hour shift at a time.

The way I see it, summer isn’t a break from school. I enjoy my true life during the summer.

While I like school, it’s a stepping stone for the rest of my life. For this reason, the fall semester comes as the largest of burdens.

I’m loving the weather and whatever amount of free time I have in August, and then, BAM!

Fall semester is sitting on my doorstep, reminding me of the costs for tuition and textbooks and laughing at me because I will spend the last month of enjoyable weather within Hibbard Hall.

Time seems to run more slowly for me in the fall, and as the winter weather moves in, my morale continues to sink deeper into oblivion.

Then winter break is a joke. Of course I enjoy my birthday and other holidays, but time is spent always on the move and planning for the next big event. What happened to the break part?

But someone might ask, “Spring semester is very cold to begin with, why would you prefer it?”

The weather to begin the semester gives me plenty of wet, cold reasons why I should stay inside and dig into my studying. While it’s not fun, it improves my academic morale and fuels me until the final stretch.

Once the final stretch comes, the Wisconsin outdoors calls my name. But while the final stretch is daunting, it serves as the greatest motivational tool. I know once I wrap up the semester, I’ll be back to the life I know best.


— Austin Mai, Op/Ed Editor



Morale is at its peak. Everyone is excited to be back in Eau Claire for the start of the semester after summer vacation, motivation to succeed is high and the weather is still pleasant for the start of classes.

Students are still glowing from their summer tans and are actually refreshed after a three month break rather than the 30 day tease of a break we get before the start of spring semester. Fall semester is easily the time when everyone is in the best mood.

When walking on and to campus you’re surrounded by leaves beginning to reveal their array of red and golden hues and it’s evident as to why UW-Eau Claire is known for having the most beautiful campus.

And of course, nothing gets college kids more fired up than football season. Whether it’s our very own Blugolds, the Badgers or the Packers there are plenty of reasons to cheer.

That being said, homecoming festivities are another reason to love the fall semester. The football game in Carson Park, the parade, and a campus full of students beaming with pride for their school celebrating the entire weekend makes homecoming arguably the best part of fall.

Not to mention it’s the perfect season for fashion. Not too cold yet not too hot, fall is the time for layers, boots, and everyone’s favorite: leggings. Scarves are the perfect addition to any outfit along with vests and cozy flannel shirts.

By the time the relaxation of winter break comes to end, students kick off the spring semester by beginning their countdown to spring break, and ultimately summer. It’s a downhill slide toward to end and we spend most of it just trying to make it through the long drawn out months of winter.

We may call it “spring” semester but we don’t see that weather until it comes to taunt us during the last few weeks that we’re stuck in class, which is why fall semester is the most enjoyable part of the school year.


— Hailey Novak, Staff Writer