Being labeled as “chill” now the ultimate compliment given to gals

If you’re not chill then you’re crazy according to unrealistic labels

Story by Hailey Novak, Staff Writer

Blunt, loud, and extroverted are among the words often used to describe me, sometimes negatively and other times positively. Either way, I would rather be this than “chill” any day.

Growing up as a kid, my parents constantly put me in timeouts and grounded me. I forget to filter myself and still struggle to bite my tongue when I have an opinion to share.

I have always felt my emotions both deeply and passionately, which is why I find it hard to keep my mouth shut in situations that fire me up.


While this may not always seem like a bad thing, a label has been born which seeks to silence this wild and outspoken personality, and instead replace it with what is known as being “chill.” Often times this label is simply used as an adjective to describe something that’s cool, but usually guys employ it to describe the ideal gal.

More often than not, when hanging out with a large group of people, I hear someone, usually a guy, mention how much they like the girl who’s “chill.” AKA the girl who keeps her mouth shut and doesn’t cause drama. Also great in theory as no one likes unnecessary drama, yet it’s important to note the extent to which it is idealized.

In other words, we have tipped our hats to the chill girl while suppressing the girl who isn’t afraid to voice her opinion and have feelings.

I have already accepted I will never be the chill girl. I won’t sit around idly and pretend I didn’t hear when someone offends me. I won’t keep quiet and pretend everything is peachy keen when I don’t agree with something that’s being said.

It’s true that no one likes the person who always causes drama, and going with the flow isn’t always a bad thing. But it’s also important for your own well-being to stand up for yourself and ask for what you want. If you constantly let others make choices for you or refuse to speak out when you don’t agree with something, you’re sacrificing your own happiness.

Since when do we applaud girls who are complacent and let others make choices for them? Because obviously no one likes a girl who can’t take a joke, even when it’s clearly offensive. As a result, girls who can’t take a joke are clearly crazy.

Guys like to hang out with girls who won’t put up a fight, question their decisions, or critique their (often sexist) jokes. Chill girls drink beer, eat pizza and play video games and they don’t have too many emotions, which makes them perfect companions.

Rather than striving to be labeled as the chill girl I have learned to embrace the “crazy” label instead.

Yes I have opinions — you do know what section of this paper you’re reading I hope — and I also have emotions. I will not sit by and keep my mouth shut simply for the sake of being called chill.

No one ever achieved anything by sitting around doing nothing and I believe that it’s better to let your voice be heard and receive a little flak than say nothing and regret it later.

So stop trying to be “chill” and just be you. If you happen to be naturally easy going and “chill” by nature than kudos to you, don’t feel the need to change. But for those of you who are trying to attempt the chill girl persona, give up the act because the only thing worse than being crazy is being fake.