Cyber Security: How it is affecting the United States

America needs to be aware of its own cyber security


Photo by Nick Robinson

At the McIntyre library, students sit at the computers and text on their phones.

Story by Nick Robinson, Staff Writer

Technology is a major part of everyone’s lives today and cyber security should be considered a very important issue, considering how crucial technology

It is important because technology nowadays is considered critical in every person’s life.

According to the article, “Cyber attacks target small to midsize firms, security experts say,” businesses are becoming more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

A cyber attack could have serious consequences not only on small businesses, but also within schools and in homes. Small businesses and companies are the first in a long list of possible disasters if a cyber attack were to hit in the United States.

College students need to be aware that if a cyber attack is successful, there will be no more texting or using a computer. It will mean the temporary death of technology, a serious issue that could become permanent if cyber attacks keep working.

With technology as important as it is, everyone needs to be aware of the impact its absence could have. I think there needs to be more secure networking so this problem can be avoided. The loss of technology due to attacks would be tragic in a world that is globally dependent on computers and cell phones.

Cell phones are the easiest for hackers to get into. According to the article above, they are the technology hacked into most often, given they can hold valuable company information and confidential email.


According to the article, “2014 Wisconsin Cyber Security Summit,” Wisconsin is promoting a series of cyber hygiene methods to stop these unexpected attacks.

This article focuses on cyber criminals and how if they infiltrate specific networks basic necessities such as water and communication systems could be affected. Even the smallest cyber attack could become a serious crisis if no efforts are made to stop it.

I think people are naive to this clear and urgent problem. A problem as big as cyber security could ultimately lead to the demise of the United States.

Individuals throughout Wisconsin should see this issue as directly affecting their lives. Cyber security remains a serious issue that is affecting Wisconsin and more specifically Madison.

The article, “Developing: City of Madison alerted to ‘credible cyber security threat’,” described a recent security threat in Madison that targeted the city and other local government and public safety communication systems.

A lot more awareness needs to be gained if Americans want to continue using the electronic devices they take for granted, and it starts with us students.

Students should think about cyber attacks and what it would be like to live without these electronic devices. It is a worldwide problem that needs to be solved and fast.