Editorial board Nov. 13

Should retail stores be open on Thanksgiving?


Story by Spectator staff

This year some retail stores are opening earlier than ever with many retailers pushing Black Friday sales into Thanksgiving.

On the contrary, some stores are making a point to stay closed for the holidays.

In the first split decision this semester, members of The Spectator Editorial Board voiced opinions on both side of the debate. Four Editorial Board members were against retail stores being open on Thanksgiving, and three Editorial Board members were in support of retail stores being open on Thanksgiving.

One member said in order for stores to be open there must be consumers. The member said the holidays are losing the family time aspect and wonders if Christmas and Halloween will be next.

In rebuttal, another member said holidays should not be protected days. When a last-minute errand is needed, the consumer must depend on another person for their needs.

“If we shut down all businesses on Thanksgiving the American society would not survive,” the same member said.

The same member said Black Friday is a day of hypocrisy following the day when we are supposed to be thankful for all we have.

They also said, “the world doesn’t stop because we hit a certain date,” which is why businesses should not close for the day.

 One member said people should celebrate holidays whenever convenient.

 “Families will have to find new ways to come together,” the same member said. “If it is valuable to your family, you will find a way.”

 Another member said consumerism is taking over, with shoppers out to get the best deals.

 “It is important to remember, the stores are not driving this,” the member said. “We are driving this.”

 Another member said stores should not have to move deals to Thanksgiving.

 One member said the desire to have retail stores open on a holiday shows the priorities of the United States to the international community.

 Another member said Americans’ constant need to work is a problem. The member has been swamped with schoolwork and is looking forward to having two days off school, but the member has to work during that time.

 “We need to preserve these days left in our American society where we don’t work from sun up to sun down,” the same member said.

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