An Editor’s Note

An overview of our correction policy

The Spectator is the official student newspaper of UW-Eau Claire.


Let me repeat, it is the official “student” newspaper of UW-Eau Claire.


While our staff of 29 members receives assistance from a faculty advisor as well as many more throughout the university, and without these efforts we couldn’t do what we do, we are student run.


This is not our full-time job. We are all working toward a degree, and many of us work outside of this publication.


We do strive for perfection, and I have full confidence in saying every single person on staff puts forth an incredible amount of work and effort to fulfill our mission, which is providing the student body, faculty and community of Eau Claire with the most up-to-date news so we can all be alert, informed and inspired.


But on our journey to perfection, we sometimes sway from the path and make a mistake which isn’t caught and winds up published. It is regrettable, but it happens.


When it does happen, we like to fix our mistakes as soon as possible, and I am going to outline how that can be done.


Our correction policy is found on the bottom of, and these are always the steps we take without exception.


If a reader spots an error, he or she should contact the Editor In Chief, which is me. You can always find my contact information on our website or by looking me up in the student directory through Outlook.


Once I receive the error report, I will investigate it by using information provided to me by the reader, meeting minutes, open records or any other source of information made available to me.


If an error is found, I will issue a correction in all forms that the information was incorrectly disseminated. Please note a submission is a guarantee that the error will be investigated but not necessarily acted on if I and my staff don’t deem it necessary.


Once we have decided to act upon an error, we will make note of it either on page two of the print edition or at the top of the article online.


We have the right to leave it there once the correction is made, however. Nothing in our policy says we have to keep changing positions. It is up to our discretion.


Also, as I’ve stated above, we are students who are fitting The Spectator into our busy schedules, and we’re bound to make a mistake or two.


We hate it when we do this and it is unprofessional on our part, but it is also unprofessional to single out and attack a reporter. We’re Blugolds and in this thing together. We all want what is best for our university.


You can also look at our bylaws on the bottom of our website page, and please, feel free to contact me any time with concerns.