Albrent’s believe it or not!

Story by Emily Albrent , Op/Ed Editor

This stuff is bananas

Do you like bananas? Are you a big fan of Donkey Kong?
Even if you aren’t, there is no possible way you can’t appreciate the fact that there is a car that looks like a banana driving around the
United States.

And that’s not all. The creator of such an awesome car, Steve Braithwaite is planning on taking this beauty around the world.

That I would love to see. It’s like the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile but far better.

Braithwaite and his brother took the frame from a 1993 Ford pickup and built the banana car over the past two years.

With help from friends they were able to make the banana car roadready. It stretches 23-1/2 ft. long and ranges from 8 to 10 ft. high.

When asked why a banana, Braithwaite responded, “It’s ridiculous, and bananas are funny. Even saying ‘banana’ is fun.”

This guy seems cool and I want to be his friend.

Traveling around the world in a car shaped like a banana is not something that comes cheap.

Braithwaite estimates that it will cost him around $30,000 to complete his journey.

I mean, how many mpg do you think this contraption gets? I’ll tell you, 14. Yikes.
But honestly, who cares? It’s still great.

It’s not supposed to be the most fuel efficient car in the world. It’s supposed to be a banana.

Because of this, he is looking for some funding to travel around the world, and you know that I will totally be supporting that.

Creating a vehicle shaped like a fruit is something I’m putting on my bucket list right this second.

I don’t care that it has a 100 percent chance of not happening. My bucket list is weird. Whatever.

And because I will totally not be manufacturing my own fruit machine anytime soon, I can revel in the fact that Braithwaite is offering rides. WHAT?! Sign me up!

If you want to help out with the brothers’ adventure, log on to