Albrent’s believe it or not

Story by Emily Albrent, Op/Ed Editor

Up in smoke

Spotted. A 19-foot long, 3-foot wide enormous cigar worth $185,000. This is serious business. I want to know why and when and how and then go and see if I can take a picture with it.
It was made with 6,000 wrapper leaves and weighs approximately 1,600 pounds which is the equivalent to 25,000 regular smokes.
The best part? This guy bought it thinking it was a joke. So imagine his surprise when this baby showed up on his doorstep. Actually there is no way this could be placed on a doorstep.
Who spends $185,000 as a joke? Actually buying something as a joke is totally something I would do, but yikes, not for $185,000. Give me that kind of money and I’ll do something crazy like go to grad school.
Another part that just makes me laugh is that it was delivered to him in a 900-pound wooden carrying case … carrying case? Okay. Sounds about right.

Ghosts go boo

Debbie Zamacona, 40-year-old woman from Winder, Ga., recently told police that a ghost stole her resumé which she estimated was worth about $5,000.
She also said that the ghost stole papers documenting her criminal history and a black and blue blouse.
Zamacona said that she could not pinpoint which ghost stole her things but she is positive that a supernatural spirit was present.
Out of the two ghosts, she thinks that the ghost of her mother was the one to blame for this act of thievery.
I’m more concerned over why she thinks her resumé is worth $5,000 than this whole allegation of a ghost stealing her stuff. And honestly, I’m not freaked out over this whole ghost-stole-my-stuff-thing, because if this is true, her mom must have had an amazing sense of humor to steal her daughter’s resumé and a blouse.