Breakfast: the most important meal of the day

Story by Steve Fruehauf, Copy Editor

Have you ever overslept on a school day and skipped breakfast to make it in time for class? I know I have and it sucks. All I do is sit there and think about my Fruity Pebbles shut away in my cupboard at home. My empty stomach grumbles, begging for a taste of anything at all, even Raisin Bran. And who likes Raisin Bran? No one does.

That’s why it’s so important to eat breakfast. Otherwise, your stomach will make weird noises in class and nobody will be your friend. Plus, it’s a task that will take you about five minutes total. The advantage is that you will be full for class, thus, not thinking about a missed meal and you won’t be prone to eat crappy food when you get back home later in the day.

It has also been proven that people who eat breakfast are more likely to do better in school.  The boost of carbohydrates and protein from your meal allow for better concentration, making that student that much more productive in class.

If something that only takes five minutes can help you produce better in school, why not take the opportunity? It helps you with grades, thus potentially getting you into a class you’d like to take, getting honors at graduation, or even getting a job. Breakfast could land you a job, that’s awesome!

Plus, there is such a variety. Whenever I go to  the grocery store, the cereal aisle is always my favorite. Do I go with Honeycombs? What about Trix? They aren’t just for kids like the advertisement says. I ended up deciding on Fruity Pebbles for this week and boy was it a good choice. But who’s to say I don’t go with Frosted Mini Wheats next time?

It’s not like cereal is cereal is expensive either. Each box is about four bucks. If you grab two, it will last you for two or three weeks and if you don’t like the cereal you get one week, you can always get another kind next time.

But if cereal isn’t your style, there are other choices for breakfast too. Anything as little as a banana or as big as eggs, hash browns, and muffins are considered breakfast. What about donuts? Probably not the healthiest choice, but don’t they taste delicious? It’s all about getting nutrients and getting your body going. Plus, making your own breakfast will give you an excuse to cook more often. Personally, I love making food so it’s always fun. Maybe one day you will become a chef because of it!

So if it’s really cheap to buy and it’s helpful for school, why not do it more often? Have fun with it. There are so many different things you could make and it’s completely up to you. Give it a try, you’re in college, we try new things here. I know I’m going to be opening up my Fruity Pebbles tomorrow and they are going to taste damn good.