End the Ignorance!

Story by Abbie Brandhagen

The foundation of the pro-abortion cause is choice. People want the choice to live their lives as they please without the government getting in the way of their personal decisions. When this choice involves the life of another, however, the choice should not, in any circumstances, be to kill a person. I see a similarity in this societal norm to the enslavement of the millions of African Americans as it occurred during four centuries of America’s history. Slavery was deemed acceptable, just as abortion is today. At the heart of both of these issues is convenience.

People don’t want to take responsibility for their actions, so the societal norm is to kill the problem.  However, what has a society come to if killing unsuspecting children is the only way to bring convenience? Is convenience more important than human life, or as I would argue, do we need to get our priorities straight?

The practice of slavery is one that stained America’s history with the blood of innocent human lives. Four centuries of slavery that occurred in America produced an estimated 10 million deaths. How could such a brutal practice have been accepted, and more, considered beneficial?

The answer to this question is simple: ignorance. Ignorance, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is the “lack of knowledge education, or awareness.” Human lives of African-Americans were considered to be less valuable than those of whites. This view we account to ignorance, and we are confident that today, as a society, our knowledge of morality brings us to the awareness that all human lives are equal. Since Roe v. Wade in 1973, approximately 50 million innocent human beings have been murdered. What can we account to this bloodshed? Ignorance, and in the same pattern as slavery! How could our society have come out of such an obviously devastating pattern of beliefs only to fall into a pattern that is even worse than the former? The results of this ignorance have produced five times the deaths in one tenth of the amount of time. The famous hero of the slaves, Abraham Lincoln, was once scorned, and even murdered for his belief of the truth. So are those scorned who value human life today; they are considered narrow and intolerant.

However, I believe that as we now look back at slavery as the result of ignorance in societal norms, so one day we will look back on abortion as the result of that same ignorance. How much sooner slavery could have ended if men and women who believed in the equality of blacks and whites would have stood up for what they believed in! It took 400 years for enough to gather against slavery. I sincerely hope and pray it doesn’t take Americans that long to end to the murdering of our innocent children.