STAFF EDITORIAL: Ordinance limiting barrel buys won’t halt house parties

The plan to kibosh keg parties from Eau Claire by limiting the number of kegs that can be purchased will not work. The house parties will not stop. Instead, the students will simply find a way around the ordinance.

And there are a number of alternatives to kegs – so many that they cannot all be listed.

Unless there was a way of tracking who purchased the kegs from store to store, several barrels could be bought throughout Eau Claire.

This plan is only an annoyance, not a hindrance. If they were to track keg purchases by name, houses with several tenants would just take turns purchasing kegs.

If the barrels were tracked by address then there would be a problem with tenants telling the truth, since most students have their parents home as a permanent address.

Students could also visit Chippewa Falls or other surrounding areas to purchase their kegs all in one stop, or perhaps they would just throw wop parties instead.

This ordinance has so many loopholes that it will never work.

The university, with the help of the Alcohol Task Force, is trying to regulate who can buy what alcohol, and when. It seems that the time and money being invested in this area could be spent more wisely on other more important issues.

Hopefully Student Senate will talk to students and find out their opinion of the ordinance, and take a stance.

This ordinance would not only not stop house parties, it would also annoy community members who are throwing graduation parties or weddings or other functions where more than one keg would be purchased.

The plan would be ineffective and would not stop college parties.