`The Onion’ mocks current events following Sept. 11

Following Sept. 11, “The Onion” had a decision to make about when it would be appropriate to resume business as usual in its news-satire publication and Web site.

And judging by its actions, “The Onion” apparently has its proverbial finger on the pulse of American society, because it made the right call.

The entertainment publication crafts stories like any newspaper would – with a similar range of topics and in the strict newspaper AP style – but focuses on items that newspapers do not (because they are not newsworthy) or on aspects of current event stories that are obviously for entertainment purposes only.

After returning to tweaking current event stories (for a brief period of time after their terrorist attacks, “The Onion” published no new material) some people were upset.

Many of its top “stories” included references to aspects of the so-called new war America is waging against terrorism.

But along with some people who said the current events were too sensitive to be made light of, even more came to “The Onion’s” side – noting that the way the stories were created were in good taste.

The fact that “The Onion” wasn’t too sensitive to fear the backlash of carrying on is a good sign to the American public: yes, it was a horrible event, but we can’t sulk around forever. It is time to start moving on.

It is important to note that “The Onion” wasn’t making fun of the lives that were lost in any way. Instead, it poked at the terrorists – perhaps voicing some underlying thoughts many Americans have had.

If the cliche saying “laughter is the best medicine” ever were appropriate, this would be the case.

People reading anything published by “The Onion” should understand what it is for: entertainment.

Anyone who can’t understand that should stay away from “The Onion” in the first place.