Winter hits Eau Claire

Students react to the first snowy week of the school year.

Story by Tyler Henderson, Multimedia Editor

November snow came as it does every year; out of nowhere.

With a light snow on Sunday night followed by a thick coat on the ground by Tuesday morning, students were on campus in their boots, hats and mittens to battle the sub-freezing temperatures that are supposed to continue for the rest of the week.

Some Blugolds chimed in with their opinion on the winter wonderland that is Eau Claire this time of year, and how they plan to combat what was recently named the eighth coldest city in the United States, averaging a temperature of 12 degrees Fahrenheit last year.

Freshman Jon Gibson said he doesn’t mind the snow, as long as it snows enough to keep him from having class. “I’m disappointed we didn’t get giant amounts (of snow) to just kind of bury everybody indoors.”

Another freshman, Alyssa Anderson, isn’t used to snow in early November. “I wasn’t expecting it to come this soon,” she said.

Senior Nick Anderson has taken the appropriate measures conserve energy. “I put plastic on my windows, save a little money on heating,” he said.

Although Eau Claire has a history of bitter cold until March, Accuweather predicted a slightly warmer Midwestern winter.