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The best stores to find unique gifts in Eau Claire

Charlotte Becker

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Photo by Hailey Thorsen

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The holiday season is approaching rapidly and gift buying is in full swing. One of the best feelings is finding something truly special for whoever you may be buying for. Antique shops are the best places for discovering unique gifts. 

Luckily for those like myself with a love for cute collectibles, Eau Claire is full of shops with a creative curation of goods to sort through and discover perfect finds. These are my top three stores for all seasons, but especially for the gift-giving season we are currently in.

Jean’s Antiques & Collectibles

Jean’s Antiques & Collectibles provides a wide variety of antiques according to their Facebook page. The small building is almost like Mary Poppins’ bag — magically full of anything you could imagine.

Those who set out to search for antiques should set aside a good amount of time as the store is filled to the brim with carefully curated merchandise. 

No matter if you are simply looking to see what they offer or if you are in search of a specific item, I am sure you will find what you are looking for at this business.  


Mabels is an antique store for those with a love for the truly unique. The shop has such a range of goods that one can never be sure exactly what they might find. 

According to Visit Eau Claire, the shop is a manifestation of the personal creations and collections of store owner Jonah Lemke. 

Inside you can expect a curious assembly of goods that range from a wall of pins and buttons to taxidermy animal mounts. 

The shop seems to have carefully crafted its environment. The store is wonderfully decorated and is a treat to visit. 

Trucker’s Union

Located right on Water Street, Trucker’s Union is a beacon to those with a bit of a “hippie” side. 

The front half of the store displays all kinds of handmade jewelry with natural stones and local creations, bohemian home decorations and a wide range of clothing items. At the back of the store, you can find incense, candles and a wide range of posters. 

True to its countercultural advertising, Trucker’s Union does sell smoking paraphernalia as well, but if those types of goods are not your “vibe,” there is an immense range of other products that may suit your fancy.  

There is sure to be something special in one of these three shops for you to gift to your loved ones, and even yourself this holiday season.  

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