The Cabin opens up with a different genre of music

A local Eau Claire band performed a 90s grunge-inspired set

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Photo by Alexandria Martin

Whalehouse members rock out Friday night at the Cabin, showing the audience their 90s grunge-inspired music.

The thought of drinking coffee on a Saturday night is typically accompanied by a warm feeling and a calming aroma that fills the air. However, sometimes there is a bit more excitement in store and Whalehouse is no exception.

Friday, Feb. 3, the 90s grunge-inspired band played at the coffeehouse on campus, the Cabin. With their dynamic trio, the band rocked out to their own work and covers of other artists.

Whalehouse’s three members are Clayton Brice, Caleb Price, and Christopher Dunn. Brice and Price both play electric and bass guitars, while Dunn jams out on the drums.

The group met at UW-Eau Claire, sharing a class at the beginning of their career. Graduating in 2009 and 2007 respectively, Price and Brice thought being back on campus was strange and nostalgic.

“Seeing the new buildings and the old paths I used to walk on everyday for years was cool,” Brice said.

During Friday’s two-hour performance the group played two sets including songs such as “Milk,” “Think of me” and “Citrus.” The band said they were happy to be asked to perform back on campus. Since the band has formed, it’s been their fourth time performing at the Cabin.

“I like that the performance is subjective to change,” Price said. “It’s always different and alive.”

The band said they were satisfied with the number of people in the audience who showed up to watch.

Tyler Fugina, a first-year operations management student, was excited to hear something different at the Cabin from the other times he’s attended.

“I have been to a few Cabin performances in the past when I was here for Jazz Fest,” Fugina said. “My favorite part of the night was the solos played on the electric guitar.”

Other members of the crowd, like Lauren Thornton, a first-year psychology student, said they enjoyed how much the band connected not only with the music, but with the audience.

At the end of the night, the band ended with a song that didn’t have a name. They instead called it “The Cabin” because of the location of the performance, but that wasn’t enough for everybody.

As they called out their last song, the crowd began to cheer “encore.” Whalehouse then decided to do a short cover of a song from SNL “What is Love.”

Whalehouse said they will be coming out with an album within the next few years, and they decided this was a great time to take a break from performing and focus specifically on new music.

Price said music has become more than just lyrics and a beat – it is an artform to reach the world.

“I like going to shows and the culture around it,” Price said. “A lot of my friends are in bands. It’s a common ground and a universal language.”