Soulstice Wellness Center hosts a marketplace for metaphysical and holistic items

Bringing the community together through matters of mind, body and soul

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The Stone Crones booth was one of many at Soulstice Wellness Center’s SOUL Saturday.

Photo by Graham Rowe

The Stone Crones booth was one of many at Soulstice Wellness Center’s SOUL Saturday.

Soulstice Wellness Center hosted an event Saturday Jan. 21, where guests came and explored a marketplace for all things metaphysical and holistic, dubbing it SOUL Saturdays.

The center, located on Fairfax Street, typically provides services such as massages, yoga, energy healings and soul coachings. In addition, they offer items and services that are more metaphysical in nature. Some of these services include reiki, theta, oracle readings and the sales of crystals, stones, jewelry and other metaphysical items.

This is the second year that SOUL Saturdays have taken place. Heather Wagner, one of the owners, said they are fortunate to have started such a nice community.

“It’s been really successful so far,” Wagner said. “We’re really pleased with the amount of people that come in and are open to things.”

There’s something for everyone who attends SOUL Saturdays the owner said, and if there’s an activity not of their interest, they can move on to something else.

“I encourage people to come down and check it out,” said Robbin Deen, a vendor selling merchandise at the event. “They’ve got lots of different stuff depending on what you’re interested in.”

Vendors at the event come and go as their schedules allow, Wagner said. The people that come in enjoy checking out the classes and the products that the vendors are showing at the time.

“We were looking for something in the dead of winter that could bring people out of their homes and build community,” Wagner said. “At one point there were only two Psychic Fairs and we were trying to bring a bunch of people together, and we thought ‘why don’t we just do a mini psychic fair.’”

After Soulstice Wellness Center started SOUL Saturdays, they expanded to more holistic fields, not just metaphysical. They provide classes such as personality assessment tools, essential oils, as well as meditation and goal setting.

Wagner said she hopes to continue the event for as long as they can and enjoys creating a community of like-minded people. The Soulstice Wellness Center staff invites people to “Come and give it a whirl; it’s not what you expect, it’s so much more.”