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Take a look at “Back to the Future” 30 years later

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Some movies make the audience roll on the floor laughing. Others captivate, frighten and amaze the audience into thinking of larger themes. And some movies just want to have fun, and the fun spirit that “Back to the Future” contains is why it will remain a 1980s classic for a long time.

I have seen more than my fair share of classic movies, but until recently, “Back to the Future” is one that eluded me.

Both my peers and folks from my parent’s generation are shocked when I admit I have never seen it. Maybe I expected it to be corny. Now having seen it, I can confirm this is indeed a corny movie. But from the storyline to the acting performances, this movie is fun.

“Back to the Future” tells the story of Marty McFly— a 17-year-old boy who must travel back to 1985 after being trapped in his hometown of 30 years ago. On top of having to find a way back to the present, McFly needs to get his mother to fall in love with his father, which isn’t easy when his mother is crushing on Marty himself.

The great part of this movie is it touched on just enough themes to come across as more than a stereotypical 80s flick. McFly’s interactions with his parents brought up the question — Had you been the same age, what would your parents think of you? Would you be friends or enemies? Hopefully your mom wouldn’t have a crush on you like Marty’s mom had on him.

“Back to the Future” also used the element of time travel to reflect on changes in American culture. I feel like many 80s movies are more comfortable shooting the suburban landscape of middle class America than many movies made today. Through showing the changes from farm field to shopping mall and do-wop to rock n’ roll “Back to the Future” illustrated many of the cultural and economic changes that 30 years has brought to America.

One interesting thing about the choice to screen this movie now is that it is 30 years in the future from when it was shot. The movie revolved around McFly traveling 30 years into the past, and it ended with him going 30 years into the future, which would be 2015.

The funniest part of this movie, for me, were the characters filling the movie. McFly was a Ferris Buehler-like character, the cool kid with a girlfriend. George McFly was a nerd, Doc was a crazy scientist and most hilariously, Biff was the bully. All these stereotypes fit together to make a fun cast, many of whom will always be remembered for their roles in the film.

If you don’t have anything to do this weekend and want to see a classic 80s film, I would recommend you check out “Back to the Future” at 7 p.m. Friday, 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Saturday or 2 p.m. Sunday in the Woodland Theater.

It is not a movie that will change your life, but it is sure to deliver a few well-earned smiles at the very least.