The Katz Meow: Chance the Rapper


I’ve got two columns left for 2013, so let’s make it count! It’s time to speak for my favorite releases of the year. The silver medal belongs to Chance the Rapper’s “Acid Rap,” credited to its ambitious sound and inventive lyricism.

The release of my “summer blockbuster” came just a couple weeks after the young Chicago native’s 20th birthday, and I challenge you to take it on with your preconceptions.I did, and thinking in the scope of what I’ll look back on ten years from now, I can count on “Acid Rap” being one of the most memorable experiences of 2013 for me.He’s pushing the unconventional envelop we’ve seen a lot of other MC’s try their hand at this year (fingers pointed at Kanye West and my man Danny Brown), but tip of the cap, Chance’s approach comes off as by and far the most genuine.

There’s no attempt at grandiose Kanye-esque production, no citing street credibility or boasted dope-smoking abilities — he’s not trying to prove anything.Instead, Chance successfully produces an emotional hitter. We’ve got a stew of nostalgia, Rugrats references and the melty, psychedelic blur that growing up can entail.

“Acid Rap” fits more than one dimension. There’s a tastefully balanced mesh of goofy, whimsical vocals and the more serious topics of love and acceptance.

Not to mention, simple but impactful hooks dressed up with some tongue-twisting bars that I dare you to recite five times fast.“Acid Rap” strikes me because I’m willing to bet the scope of this tape is more accessible than just what traditionalist hip-hop heads are looking for.Chance the Rapper has a lovable flow that sticks like glue. If you can’t find something to love on “Acid Rap,” then I don’t know what to tell you.