For your entertainment

Story by Taylor Kuether

Each week, a Spectator staff member gives you a heads up on a few things you can test out over the weekend, from new movies to restaurants you may not have tried yet.


This week: Managing Editor Taylor Kuether.


Movie: “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”

I don’t see a lot of movies. You have to make a pretty spectacular film for me to go see it in theaters. “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” may fill my theater-going quota for this year, but not because I loved the book (I didn’t. It was just OK. Too teenybopper for me.) No, I would pay money to see “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” because I am so completely enamored with Emma Watson. Her role as Sam is one of her first since working on the Harry Potter saga, and for it she uses an
American accent. Can’t wait.


Music: “Shields,” Grizzly Bear

Released Sept. 18, Grizzly Bear’s new album is one I will definitely give a listen to. The mostly-melancholy, sometimes-catchy band is known for their surreal music videos and the hit off their last album, “Veckatimest,” titled “Two Weeks.” To me, their tunes pair perfectly with a fall afternoon and a cup of coffee. Give it a try.


Restaurant: The Nucleus Cafe,
405 Water St.

If you live in Eau Claire and haven’t had brunch at the Nuc, you haven’t truly lived. They’re known for unique flavor pairings (lemon ricotta hotcakes, anyone?) that taste incredible. My personal favorite is the Omega Scrambler, an egg dish
including salmon, avocado, and Havarti. Wait, no, my real favorite is the Strawberry Nutella crepe (pictured right). Wait, no … this could go on forever.